24 February 2013

Things I forgot - part one

I know it's a bit late now, but I never did show you the few Christmas presents I made for my friend and her two children

For Lennie, I made a Noodlehead bag - the Madras Tote Bag.  I made this one for myself when I went to the Fat Quarterly retreat last year

I had a piece of nice summery heavy cotton (duck cotton?)

And I lined it with some baby blue spotty fabric I bought locally

Can you believe she won't use it yet because it's too summery!

For the kids I made a drawstring bag using this tutorial from Christine at Grapes and Hearts.

They do a lot of traveling between child minder, grandparents and home, so I thought these would be useful to carry cars, farm animals, dinosaurs etc, and make a handy play mat when they arrive at their destination.

Kris is mad about space, so I tried to find some good space-ship fabric but had to settle with road signs!
 Sabi is a bit easier - she loves farm animals

Sorry this is a bit late, and Christmas is obviously just a dim and distant memory.  I'm determined to start earlier this year!  I have another advent calendar to make too.  Lennie didn't give me much time last year, so I only made one.  I hope to refine last years and make a second one so there are no arguments about who gets what!


  1. What lovely presents. I love that horse fabric.

  2. Looks like fun either way, and I have bags I use in winter or summer, but can't cross over- I get that idea!

  3. Too summery!? There is no such thing! Great makes xxx

  4. Great presents! I keep thinking I should make one of these drawstring bags for my daughter as she is incredibly messy. It would be great if I could simply pick everything up in one go and bring it to her room. Ok, I'm off to find a nice big bit of fabric...

  5. Och it's less than halfway to next Christmas, sure it's in time ;o)

  6. Oooh I love the idea of those play mats. Brilliantly done !

  7. Love your summer-y totes!!!
    And it's so nice to see someone really uses a tutorial I wrote ;o)

  8. great gifts...instead of being late you can say you are super early for 2013

  9. Great bags! Never too late to show Christmas presents because ideas are always needed! Your bags are beautiful and the pattern looks wonderful! x Teje