27 March 2013

Guest Post

Well it's sort of a guest post, except the guest isn't here, and I'm writing it!   Do you remember my SIL Bridget?  She came over for a sewing weekend last year, and I managed to infect her with the quilting bug!  This was her first attempt (although I never did get a photo of the finished quilt)


Her first solo quilt was finished a few weeks ago

Unfortunately you can't see the quilting very well, but she has hand sew around some of those trees.  She's a much better hand sewer than me!

The fabric on the back has little birdies, hence the name of the quilt Watch the Birdie

Her second quilt was also finished recently, in double quick time as the baby had arrived already.

I originally said I thought the monkey didn't fit in, but she liked it so it stayed.  Hence the quilt is called keep the monkey!  I think she was right and I was wrong.

And you can see she already has right idea about making it look pretty!

Last but not least, do you remember the snowball quilt?  I started it at the FQR last year, and we have both been plugging away over the months

Bridget in Peru

Me in Vietnam
I got all the blocks out today, just to see how we were getting along

Not too bad eh?  I think we probably need 6 rows x 5 columns, which means another 11 blocks. Not much really if you say it quick.     All three of Gordon's sisters are visiting in August, so maybe we can get the 11 finished then?  No rush though, it's back in the cupboard already.


  1. your SIL looks like she is hooked already
    love those snowball blocks, where did you get the pattern?

  2. Your SIL is a natural. Does she have a full fledged stash started yet? And that snowball quilt is going to be amazing. So much so I might want one for myself! You are giving me ideas.

  3. Well done for infecting someone else with the quilting bug! One day we will take over the world ;-)
    Love your snowballs, the colours are great. That reminds me, I don't think I ever sent you any fabric, did I? Naughty me. I'll stick the squares in the post tomorrow.

  4. Your SIL is doing great! Nice to have someone to play with!
    I recognize the Peru picture...we just hiked the Inca Trail in Sept! Amazing place!

  5. looks like your sil has really caught the bug have you told her there is no cure !!

  6. Bridget is well and truly infected and I can see she has developed her own style. I love the monkey !

    Your snowballs are amazing Di. I really love those!

  7. Excellent bit of brainwashing - well done!!
    The pic of you in Vietnam is either brilliant, or completely not!!! Look at your view!!

  8. Nothing like using slave labour to finish your quilt ;o)

  9. You enabler you! Your SILs quilts are great and she was definitely right about the monkey. Your EPP?? Just gorgeous!!

  10. Great job your SIL is doing! I would love to be doing some stitching with that view in Vietnam!

  11. She is doing great as are you. I think you should take the sisters to interesting places to make those snowballs, it is already an international snowball quilt.

  12. You've done her a huge favour, if more people quilted, the world would be a much happier place! Love the quilts, great work. :o)

  13. Yes, you've enabled another not our addiction, and I say go for the delegation and get all 3 sister in laws working on it.

  14. It looks like you started something good there with your sister in law and you already know i love that snowball quilt.