13 March 2013

WIP Wednesday

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced 

After nearly 4 weeks away, I think it's time to get a handle on what is lurking in the WIP pile, and set a few priorities.

Siblings Together
This one shouldn't be my main priority, but I'm quite excited about it, so I couldn't resist getting the top pieced.  I did ask for help on how to piece the HST, and in the end decoded to go with this option

A suggestion was made that I could set it assymetrical.  I like that idea!

What do you think?  I love it !

We're on the last leg of this bee now.  I just have to make Helen's wonky star block, and sew together the other 8 blocks.  Helen hasn't seen anything at all of this block since she made the first two blocks back in February 2012, and I'm pretty sure she's going to be thrilled!  Watch this space.

Snowball Quilt
This one is moving along slowly.  I did another 3 blocks whilst I was travelling

 I now have 20 blocks, and it's just dawned on me that I've got to put these together somehow!

Also on the back burner is the Blue Lagoon quilt for my friend.  Bless her she's so patient!  Once the Sibling together quilt and the Stitch Tease top is done, then I'll be onto this one Rose, honest!

Linking up with Lee's WIP Wednesday.  Pop over and see what everyone else is up to.


  1. Love the asymmetrical HST quilt. Look grand!

  2. good work missus x love the offset plan too!

  3. Looks like you've climbed right back on the sewing horse again, loving the asymmetry!

  4. I love the asymmetrical top - it looks so cool!! The snowball blocks are amazing too, the fabrics you've picked make the parts of each one stand one differently. I might have a go at those when I (ever!) finish my rose stars. Is there a pattern or place to get the size of the shapes?

  5. Lots of loveliness Di - the Snowball quilt will be stunning, and I can't wait to see Helen's quilt!!

  6. I like the off center setting of your Siblings Together quilt. And those snowball blocks are really great. Stitch Tease reveal is going to be so much fun.

  7. OOOh! (Squeaks with excitement!) I can't wait!!!!