12 April 2013

Q2 FAL 2013

 she can quilt

Although I don't believe the first 1/4 of the year has already gone, I've been considering what to commit to in Q2.   I admit that I was a bit mean with the number of finishes in Q1, so I've tried to stretch myself a little this quarter. I'm not going to have so much time as I'll be out on the garden more (if the weather ever gets any better) and a few visitors booked in, and a trip to the UK for a wedding. But here goes

1. The Blue Lagoon quilt

I only have to add some borders, quilt and bind it, so this should be a cert. Although the fabric I bought for the backing was not the right colour, so I have to search for some more.

2. Siblings Together

This is quilted now and I just need to sew the binding on and add a label, then I can gt it off in the post.

3. Stitch Tease Quilt
Just over 12 months ago I made this block for myself for the Stitch Tease Bee.


I sent it off to Hadley, and only last week it came back incorporated into a quilt top with blocks made by my fellow stitch teasers.  As we are going for a bee wide/world wide reveal next week, I can't show any more, but this quilt is on my list of finishes, and will most definitely be done, and soon!

4. Circa 1934  quilt
A while ago I bought a jelly roll of Circa 1934, without any real idea of what it was for.   I've been wanting to make a surprise gift for a friend, so after a bit of thinking I came up with using it with this pattern
Avignon Picnic from the Moda Bakeshop
I started it, but stalled because I'm not sure it's going to look any good.  There should be/will be 4 different fabrics in each block, but I'm not sure there is going to be enough contrast, even with a green block and a mustard block

The S block

The Z block

Maybe if it's on the list to finish, I might get around to tackling it again, but at the moment, I'm not enthused.

5. Little Blue Bag. (good name eh?)

From the leftovers from the Blue Lagoon quilt, I started to make a little square bag, for my sewing bits and bobs, and possibly for the Sample swap at the Fat Quarterly retreat in June.

Then I cut the lining panels too small, and I have no more fabric that will do!  So this is another one that has to wait for a trip to the fabric shop.

6. Wheels on the bus.

I asked to join the X factor pillow swap this month, but when I was accepted, thats when I found out that it was due to finish on the 19 th April, not start. I also found out that there was a theme, and this round the theme is circles. Yep, my nemesis!  Nevertheless, I still thought I'd give it a go, and picked out a pattern that I have wanted to have a go at for a while, called the wheels on the bus

I made 4 circles
I pulled out some Kona Shot cottons which I though might go nicely... wrong!  Yeuch is all I can say

I can't get a good photo, but you get the gist
I really can't imagine a pillow made with these grungey colours!  I had nothing else that I thought would work, so I've given up on the swap.  But I do want to use the wheels and have a go at reverse applique (or whatever it's called), so I'll try to find some better fabric and  make a pillow for myself!  I doubt I will ever use the Shot cotton so if anyone is interested in them, maybe I could swap them for something less grungey!

I think that'll do for this quarter.  I'm confident that I will finish the first three quilt and the bag, but the other two are in doubt!

Thanks to Leanne as usual for all her work hosting the FAL. 


  1. Nice list of WIPs. I especially love your Blue Lagoon quilt and am looking forward to seeing it finished.
    Shot cottons are quite difficult to work with but I love them so much that I work with them anyway.
    BTW did you ever get the fabric squares I sent you?

  2. well ... you have lots that are NEARLY finished ... so should not be too difficult to get a few finished lol xx EVEN if you are in the garden xx

  3. That Stitch Tease quilt is so fun. Sorry about the shot cottons--do you have very many of them?

  4. that is some list!! Love the wheels on the bus but agree another fabric would be the way to go ;)
    Is that wedding in Manchester by any chance??!

  5. The blue lagoon is so pretty Di and I love the look of the wheels on the bus quilt - of course I would never ask that you make curves ;-)

  6. Good luck with the list! Crap, I'd totally forgotten about sample swap, best get thinking...

  7. Nice looking list there!!! Good luck x

  8. This is an excellent list! I am looking forward to seeing your finishes.

  9. Well you've plenty to work on! Love most of your projects but if I had those circles I would bury them deep so that I didn't have to think about them. I do that when I start something that stymies me too soon into the process.

  10. That's quite a list! I especially like the Blue Lagoon and Siblings together and I just can't wait for the big reveal of the Stitch Tease.

  11. that's quite a list. Sorry your swap didn't work out...but maybe you'll swap for some great fabric. Surely there is someone out there who will swap for shot cottons. The rest of your Finish along seems doable

  12. Good luck with your list - it'll certainly keep you out of trouble for the next three months!