11 April 2013

Really Random Thursday

Sod's law says, if you cut something the wrong size, it is the last bit of that fabric you have and you have no idea what it is!

All 5 pieces 1/4 inch too small!

If you ever decide to emigrate, you would do well to consider bedding.   Leaving the UK to live in the Czech Republic, bedding is not something I lost any sleep over. But I have spent the last 8 years buying sheets, quilts covers, pillows and pillows slips in the UK, and shipping them back here by post or willing visitors, because nothing here fits our bed.    Recently Gordon did convert to European pillows, but they are a ridiculous size and shape.  Big almost square things that force you to lie 3/4 of the way down the bed just so that you can put your head on them! 

DKNY Harmony European Pillow Sham - Cherry
They're the ones at the back (this is not our bed by the way)
The problem is multiplied 10 times when you need a new mattress.  Our bed is 150 cms wide and matresses here are 140, 180 or 200. So when you need a new matress, you have to buy a new bed.  This may be a deal buster if you are considering a move abroad.

However, if you buy a bed in Kika this month, you get this many scratch cards.

There are about 60 - the mouse is there to give you a perspective
Even with this many, we didn't win anything!

If you buy Tula Pink dandelions in cream from a well known on line shop....

Dandelion in Cream

....the dandelions are green not blue! As it was for my blue lagoon quilt I a bit miffed when it arrived!  Then I decided it would make nice backing for my Stitch Tease quilt, so I'm not going to complain.

If I were chained to a bunk bed with a velociraptor, apparently I could survive 41 seconds (see right )

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  1. how annoying on all counts....we used to have those pillows but as you say the bed wasnt long enough...loved the vietnam pics......wouldnt mind some more and werent those quilts amazing x

  2. 54 seconds apparently... Bugger about the fabric, you're right, its always the bit you have NO MORE OF. And mattress hunting sucks, might have to do that soon as ours is stabbing me with a burst spring...

  3. Yes! Why IS it that our cutting errors are almost always fatal?! And I totally get the bed thing, but in reverse. We brought our sheets with us when we moved, but bought new beds, and nothing fits anything...!

  4. I would survive one minute and six seconds but that's only because I lied when I said if it bit off my arm I would take it back and beat it with it.

  5. Hmm 41 seconds too!!!
    Love that backing xxx

  6. Looks like I'm the first one to go with Mr. Dino... and you are totally right about cutting errors. I get nervous when I get towards the end of a length of fabric.

  7. Good to know about the velociraptor. So how long if you're chained to the bed you're trying to upgrade?

  8. I never knew beds were different sizes in different countries. I guess I won't be moving away from my king sized bed.

  9. I take so much for granted! And Katy is so funny. Sorry about the mis-cut fabric!