27 April 2013

Thimble update

First of all, thanks to everyone for their ideas for my flying geese border.   I'm always amazed how people can come up with so many diverse ideas for one simple block.  Consequently, I now have so many ideas flying around in my head, I don't know where to go.  I must admit that initially,  I preferred the geese flying out  But then Tammy came up with the idea of placing the geese going round, but breaking them up with white. Now that makes sense.   There were some other ideas that I might try and incorporate, and then Jenny slipped in the notion that the geese were probably a bit small in relation to some of those pinwheels!   That idea was lurking somewhere at the back of my mind, and I was ignoring it until Jenny brought it up,  And yup, you're right Jenny, but I've made over 100 now, so they're just going to have to be too small!!!!!   And Helen, I will be putting a white border around the geese!

So on to thimbles....#
Months ago, I asked for advice on thimbles, and ended up buying this one


I was sitting sewing early one Sunday morning a few weeks ago, whilst the rest of the house snoozed, and thinking I ought to update you with how I got (just in case anyone was  waiting with baited breath!)  I actually got on with it very well, and over time, it had softened quite well, moulding itself to my fingers and making it far less cumbersome than any other thimble I'd tried.  I'd still probably rather not use one at all, but there are times when you need one. 

Then off I went for a shower.  I came back down 15 or 20 minutes later, to find Lucy, one of our dogs, sitting very guiltily in the corner, trying to pretend she hadn't got anything in her mouth.  Further investigation showed she had, yes, you guessed, my thimble!   I did rescue it and although it was very wet and a little chewed, I thought it would still be useable.


It did dry out but was VERY stiff and where she had chewed it, it had left rough edges that caught on everything.  So that was that.

Fast Forward to Monday when I had a trip to the fabric shop in Brno, where I bought a new thimble.   Last night, I got my EPP snowballs out again, after a short break, and got on with some sewing in front of the TV.  I left my thimble on the table, and yes, you've got there ahead of me, Lucy got into the lounge this morning and stole my new thimble.  By the time we discovered it, it looked like this.

I don't think there's much chance of rescuing this do you? 

Lucy used to steal shoes when she was younger, and seemed to have gotten over that, but clearly nice, fresh leather thimbles are too much of a temptation.  As these thimbles are around ten pounds each, which I think is rather a lot for a dog chew, I shall in future be reverting to a plaster on my finger.

I have two recommendations

1) Try the clover leather thimble, but only if you don't have a dog. Or you have a dog, but it doesn't like leather!
2) Don't have a dog unless you really love dogs. Only then can you forgive them for eating two thimbles!

And whilst we are on the subject, you might as well have a photo of the guilty party!

I was asleep, honest.  It jumped into my mouth whilst I was passing!


  1. Little ratbag! Lucky she's so cute!

  2. Oh dear!! You are too funny! Lucy is a rascal ;)

  3. Oh, just get yourself a new one and remember to put it on a high shelf as you leave the sewing. You deserve a great thimble and just because your puppy does too should not put you off.

  4. For a minute there I thought Susan was claiming Lucy @Charm About You had a leather fetish, too much information!!! What a naughty doggy, but so very cute, i'm sure she is totally forgiven, but £10 for a thimble, ouch!!

  5. darn, just when you found one you liked. Bad doggy But so cute

  6. Too funny Di - yea I agree, buy a new one. Perhaps third time lucky?

  7. Darn! Thems braw good thimbles!!

  8. Lol! Maybe you could sell the thimbles to a museums, they look a bit like some of the artefacts they have sitting behind glass.
    I love the way dogs can look so incredibly guilty and innocent at the same time.

  9. Well I shall add that to my anti-pet justification list!!

  10. ugh! my dog chewed the cord to my presser foot last week! I couldnt believe it, it was plugged in and on too! Luckyly we salvaged it.. dogs eat the weirdest things..

  11. Im sure Lucy had no idea how much those thimbles cost . She thought it was a special dental dog chew.

    She dies look rather guilty in the photograph though!

  12. Hehehe, time to become an outside dog! Reminds me of not being able to shower with toddlers around in case they got up to mischief or danger.