14 May 2013

New Bees and Old

I spent some time at the weekend making my first bee blocks for the second round of Stitch Tease.  Di gave us a very easy block to make but was very specific with what she wanted.  These are Di's first 9 blocks

The blocks should be only Aqua, Teal or Turquoise, with the possibility of one block having  one piece of Essex dyed linen in flax.  Now colours are not one of my strongest points, and although I think I know what colours aqua teal and turqouise are, when faced wit having to choose, I found it quite difficult.  And I really don't know what colour the one piece of linen I have, is.  So Di you will have to let me know if I've got it wrong, and I can start again!  Comparing photos above, my linen looks much greyer than yours, but in real life it looks about the same!

I also had to re-draw my SMS giveaway on Sunday because sadly one of the winners was a no reply blogger.  This time the random  number generator picked out Dee. 

  Dee said...
I am now following you based entirely on your list of things you blog - we have similar interests.

So that's my job for today, pulling out some fabrics and making Dee her custom made bag!
I'm also still trying to get enough ladies together to form a European Siblings Together Bee.  We have 8, and just wanting another 4.   So if you were undecided about joining us, you've still got a chance.

Tomorrow I will either be joining in with WIP Wednesday, or showing off my finished Le Challenge cushion.  Either way, watch this space...Blogger


  1. Gorgeous blocks Di - they look good (colourwise) to me!

  2. These blocks are so pretty....good job!
    And it is always hard to get true colours with a camera, isn't it?

  3. Great choice! I chickened out on the linen

  4. Hope you manage to get enough people for your European ST bee. I managed to get into the UK one. Great blocks btw!

  5. The blocks look great - and spotted Lynne's post today too xxx

  6. Ive been seeing these gorgeous blocks on some other wonderful blogs and they really are gorgeous.

    I think you nailed the colour brief Di!

  7. I think that the blocks look perfect! Hope you get your four more people.

  8. the colors look perfect, thanks Di

  9. The colours look good to me. Funny I thought these blocks were for you! I got my Di's mixed up.