22 May 2013

No WIP Wednesday

There is no WIP Wednesday at Lee's this week, but as I'd prepared a post, I'm not wasting it!

I have been a seriously rubbish blogger recently - not posting much, and not reading and commenting other blogs.  I am spending a good deal of my time out on the garden, grabbing a quick half an hour here and there to sew when I need a rest.  When I settle down at night, I'm too tired to sit reading and commenting, or writing a new post.   I've barely looked at the Bloggers Quilt Festival entries.  I hope you will all forgive me!

I have managed to get quite a lot of small things done recently though.

I made and posted a little bag to the second SMS giveaway winner.  I'm not going to show you though until I know it's arrived, as I would like it to be a surprise for her.

I made and posted two blocks for Di in the second round of the Stitch Tease Bee

And two blocks for Christine in the Sew Euro-bee-an bee

I must admit, Christine, that the colours didn't inspire me to start, but now they are made, I think they are very effective and will make a striking quilt.  That's the thing I like about bees.  They make you do things you wouldn't normally do!

I seem to have loads of WIPs sitting around my dining room, but mainly I've been working on my Art trading card for my secret partner in Ali's swap.  Here's a photo of the progress a couple of days ago

I have since sandwiched it with a couple of layers of thick cotton, and a layer of the stiff liner that you use in bags, then machine embrodered around the edge.  It just needs a tidy up, and the label on the back, and it's ready to go off.

I have also been slogging away at my Stitch Tease quilt.  I finally finished all the flying geese around the edge, which I'm very pleased with. 

I then had to add at least an 8" border so that the quilt will fit our new bed.  I contemplated putting in a small patterned border

but decided against it.  I'm not too happy with the big border, but the patterned part of the quilt will sit nicely on the top of the bed, and the white border will hang down, so it should be OK.  If I didn't do it, I would never be able to use the quilt on our bed.   And I made a quick trip into Ikea on Monday to buy some backing fabric, which cost about 15 pounds, as opposed to 60 pounds for normal quilting fabrics. 

I then spent a couple of unhappy, uncomfortable hours on the lounge floor yesterday preparing everything to baste it, but had to give up before actually taping it down and pinning it as my knees and back couldn't stand any  more!

This is one mahoosive quilt.  Heaven only knows how I'm going to quilt it!

Next on the list of things to start before I finish the others, is a name badge for my secret partner for the Fat Quarterly Retreat in London, and my sample swaps for the same.   Small and quick, hopefully!

PS  I'm on my own at work today, so I'm catching up on some sewing stuff!  Don't tell the boss!

Take care


  1. Thank you so much, Di! I am still fearing that my Bee Quilt will look horrible when it's done... I really think that it's a dull block and appreciate your perseverence even more!

    Those flying geese look superb!!!

  2. Ha, sneaky work posting, we won't tell ;o) Good luck with the quilting! I want to try and hit my ST quilt when I get back from my holiday so it's good to go for FQR, but we'll see...

  3. Your art card is looking stunning. I must say I'd be very pleased to receive such a beautifully made piece !

    Sometimes blogging takes back seat - its OK- we've all been there . Visit when you can and write when you feel like it.

  4. I'm not surprised you wanted to waste the post - it was a big'n'! The ATC looks so pretty and love what you have done with the Stitch Tease quilt. I have to make my blocks for Christine so must get on with them - love yours!

  5. Your Stitch Tease quilt will look brilliant; and the blocks look great too; busy busy xxx

  6. all projects get an A+ from me, but I especially love the bee blocks for me and your itty bitty applique