30 June 2013

Looking Forward to seeing you....

 Hello and welcome to a not so sunny morning in the Czech republic

My name is Di, and I'm English, living in the Czech Republic with my husband (also English), two dogs and two cats.  I hate having my photo taken, but my husband caught me unawares with this photo and I like this one!

We live in a beautiful of the world, there's a few posts here and here if you'd like to see a bit more. 

I've always been a knitter - mum must taught me when I was young, and I've since taught myself to crochet. But around 3 years ago I got bitten by the quilting bug, after finding Elizabeth Hartman's blog "Oh Fransson".  As I am now lucky enough to me semi-retired, I get to spend lots of time sewing, as well as my other love, gardening, walking and cycling.   If you pop round to our house, you will find me either in the dining room (commandeered as my sewing room) or the garden, depending on the weather!

Here are some of my quilts and things I've made for swaps

  I am in 3 bees, and am currently trying to finish my first ever bee quilt, from the Stitch Tease   ladies.

I have made a name badge for my secret partner, and finished my swaps for the sample swap

For those going to the retreat for the first time,  I can guarantee you will have a great time, although be warned, it is exhausting and will fill your every waking hour for days afterwards!  Last year I left on Sunday afternoon with Helen, and we were so busy talking over what a great time we had, we walked half a mile in the pouring rain, in totally the wrong direction!

Because I fly, I can't take a machine with me, but I found last year there was no problem in using the borrowed Pfaff machines.  I'm hoping it's the same this year, because I have signed up for Trudi's quilting workshop, and Lynnes Precision pieceing workshop.   If I can't get a machine, never mind, I will just enjoy being there and think I will learn a lot from just listening and watching.  I will be the one at the back grinning like an idiot.

Last year I learnt how to do English Paper piecing, starting with Tacha's snowball.   I was hooked and one snowball, well it sort of snowballed and one  became 10

and having infected my sister in law with the bug too, we now have nearer 30, and I am starting to think about sewing them together. This year I am taking the curved paper piecing class, and who knows where that will lead. 

The final class I am taking is Mandy's hand quilting class.  Here is my piece I have prepared for hand quilting

Well that's enough I think, so I'll leave you now, and look forward to seeing everyone in just under 3 weeks! 


  1. See you there-I am doing Trudi's class too

  2. Looking forward to seeing you in London again! :)

  3. Have fun! I love your quilts! x Teje

  4. ohh fab we're in lynnes and trudi's together, Im gonna beg steal and borrow a machine too, DD's mini one can't drop feed dogs and id rather not have to bring it anyway lol :)

  5. great post and such a wonderful picture of you!! It is so great that we´ll meet again so soon! Safe travels and see you in London!!

  6. I wish I was going...it'd be so fabulous to catch up with you.

    I just know you're going to have the best time!

  7. Hi Di, it will be great to see you again xx

  8. Love your hand quilting block (or the one that is destined for it)!

  9. Gorgeous makes and love the swap items! See you at the retreat! :)

  10. Guess what? I am coming too now! Looking forward to seeing you again.
    Lush x

  11. Beautiful makes! I'll hopefully meet you in Trudi's class!

  12. Hope to see you at FQR again this year Di. I love how your snowball has snowballed! Must pick up that EPP again...

  13. Oh, how cool! I like the block you have for your hand class. The badge looks great too and other projects especially the totes are awesome!

  14. See you again next week, I'm in curved epp too :-)