07 July 2013

Q2 Finishes

she can quilt

A little late to the parade but here nevertheless!  I committed to 6 finishes this quarter, and only made 3.  

1. My main finish, which deserves, and will get, a whole post to itself, is my Stitch Tease quilt, which I finished earlier this week.  We have guests this weekend, so I had two willing helpers to hold this massive quilt up!

It's also going to get a special photo shoot, as Rob is a much better photographer than me.

2. Siblings Together
This quilt was finished and posted off, and I'm pleased to report has arrived safely.


3.  Little Blue Bag
This was a prize from the SMS giveaway back in May.


The rest
The Blue Lagoon quilt will hopefully get basted this weekend with a little help from a willing friend. 

Circa 1934 quilt
I have totally changed what I am doing with this and have nearly finished piecing the top. It went from a rather uninspiring

To a much more fun

Still not loving the fabric, but I think I will like the finished quilt.

Wheels on the Bus
No progress at all I'm afraid!

So thanks again to Leanne for encouraging us all to achieve a few finishes at least.  Now to decide what  to do for Q3.......


  1. Your finishes are wonderful, and three is a lot. I am loving your Circa 1934 quilt now. It is a calming palette and is really so fun in that block. And that block is way more fun than I realized too - I like it arranged all willy nilly like you have done, it is going to be a great quilt.

  2. I think you did really well with three finishes. I absolutely love your Stitch Tease quilt.
    I'm sure that Circa 1934 quilt is going to look amazing once finished. I love the colours of that fabric.

  3. Nice. Looking forward to learn some more about your stitch tease quilt.

  4. Great quilts Di and the Circa 34 looks fab now. What a lovely block- I think I may have to try it out!

  5. Your Stitch Tease is gorgeous! I love the changes you made to the Circa quilt.

  6. I agree the circa looks great, well done on the finishes!

  7. Loads of great stuff! And not at all late- just in time in fact. I actually really like the fabric in the Circa quilt as well as the design so if you still aren't sure when it's finished, send it my way, please and thank you. ;)

  8. Oh your Stitch Tease looks amazing!!!!!!!!!! Love it!

  9. Two quilts , and a bag is far more than I got done last quarter !

    I love what you've done with the Circa 1934 blocks. I have some of that fabric floating round somewhere too!

  10. 3's pretty good, considering there were 2 whole quilts in that! Looking forward to seeing the ST finish :o)