11 July 2013

Small things

Life here has slowed down to a snails pace this week.   Combine a week of temperatures in the low 30s, visitors, and a rotten cold, and I seem to have come to almost a full stop.  The heat and my cold have left me with little energy for sewing and blogging, and visitors leave little time or opportunity for blog reading and writing.  I haven't fallen off the face of the earth, but it does feel like it sometimes.

I can report the arrival of my name tag for the Fat Quarterly Retreat.   It's made my Rennee of Nellie's Nicities (who just happens to live not far from where I was born and raised).  Like a lot of people, I don't check the new flickr as often as I used to, so I missed my name tag altogether, and missed commenting on it.   But I am honestly thrilled with it

The stitching is really small and very neat.  The back is pretty too

So now you'll know who I am!  Unfortunately, I don't think Renee can make it next weekend, which is a real shame.

As a rule, I don't do routine sewing,  which is why one of the dog beds got to this state

I was sweeping up little foam bits in my sleep.  The holes were beyond repair, so I thought I'd make a new cover with some Ikea fabric I bought for a quilt back, but never used.

I don't think she's over impressed with it, do you?

And last but not least, I think I still have time to make a new bag for my trip to London next weekend

It's going well so far, but I have to do the tricky bit around the top now.  If I can breath again tomorrow, I'll try and get this finished!

Bye for now....


  1. have a great time and esp so for those of us who cannot attendx Such a long suffering dog!! It may be the bed will be used ... maybe not!! lol hope you feel better in time for the retreat x

  2. Maybe your dog is like my son when he was small. He had a comforter (bit of old silk rag he had become attached to), it used to get stinky and so I'd wash and dry it and he'd create because it didn't smell the way he liked it to - STINKY. Maybe your dog will like the bed better when it has been used a bit and smells a bit more like him.

  3. Gorgeous name tag, Di!
    It might be a little difficult to sleep when your bed has eyes....
    Looking forward to seeing you and your new bag in London.

  4. Glad you like your name tag :) sorry I won't get to meet you in person. I hope you have a fab time at retreat :)

  5. Love the name tag. That dog bed will give her nightmares!!!!

    Get well for next week xxx

  6. Great name tag! Really looking forward to seeing you next week.

  7. Summer colds are the worst, well any summer illness. Who wants to snuggle in bed when it's hot!? At least if your ill in winter, if the weather is foul you don't want to go outside anyway. Hope your head improves for the plane flight.

  8. I live locally to Reene so going round on my way home from work tonight to pick her swaps up for FQR. Where did you grow up then?!

  9. Hope you feel better by next weekend. Love the name tag!

  10. The tag is lovely Di and hoping you got past your bag frustrations and it's done now! Hope you are feeling better too:)

  11. Hope you have the stamina for FQR! Great nametag! Hope it helps me find you!