13 July 2013

The first time is always the best


We're talking bee quilts here of course.  At long last my Stitch Tease Bee is finished.

In February 2012 I sent off this block to Hadley


and 12 months later, she sent me a quilt top made by the 8 talented ladies of the Stitch Tease Bee.  You can read all about that here.

Since beginning this bee, we have changed our bed for one that is quite a bit bigger, so the original quilt size didn't cover the new bed.   That meant I had to add  quite a sizeable border, which I was worried might look a bit odd.  But needs must, so I added a small border of outward flying geese and a 8 inch white border.

A great tip for basting by the way.  Wait for a friend to visit for the weekend, and whilst they can't get away until you take them to the airport, get them to help you baste your quilt!  It only cost a few glasses of wine!

I quilted it with an all over meander, because that's about all I can do!  I did toy with the idea of hand quilting it, but maybe a quilt this size isn't a good choice for your first hand quilting project!  It wasn't without it's traumas (broken machine, a million broken needles, tension problems, sore hands and shouldrs) but it looks beautiful now.  Because the quilt is now much larger than originally planned, the backing I bought didn't fit, so I went out to Ikea and chose the fabric you can see below, which is just the right sort of chalky colours

Don't you think a very special quilt needs a very special photo shoot?  And someone who can take good photos?  Our friend Rob, who was here last weekend, is a pretty good photographer, so we went off to the chateau in the early evening to snap a few shots

We got a  few odd looks, and the quilt got pretty dirty, but I think it was worth it.

And here's one shot of it in it's final resting place (not so good - I took it!)

The only shot that is missing is the one with Ted on our rocking chair in the garden.  I will take one, but it's on the bed now, with Gordon fast asleep under it.  I don't think I'd win many Brownie points by whipping it off now, just to take a photo!

So thanks to all my Stitch Bee friends for making such a beautiful quilt for me.  It will always hold a place in my heart, being my first!

And would you believe it it is already my month in the second round of Stitch Tease.  But more of that later


  1. The quilt is stunning, Di! I love all the pin wheels and the flying geese border. A very special quilt indeed.

  2. Oh Di - I just saw this on flickr and had to rush straight over and comment. I can't tell you how much I love this quilt - it's so so beautiful. The outward flying geese look amazing and have proved me completely wrong and your quilting is amazing. So proud to play a small part in this big quilt and to be with you and the other amazing ladies in Stitch Tease. Don't ever invite me in your house...especially if I have a large bag...just sayin' ;)

  3. This is amazing! Certainly a keeper **smiles**

  4. It's lovely, and the photos show it off beautifully.

  5. What a great finish! Nice pictures too.

  6. It really turned out wonderfully Di! I actually think the border really makes it - so it was a good thing you bought that new bed!!