16 August 2013

Meet Little Mole

Ages and ages ago, I read this post from Nicky at Mrs Sew and So.  She is in a bee called Star of Africa, and for her month as Queen Bee, she wanted children's story characters, myths, legend or fairy tales typical of each members country, and the siggie block should be fashioned like the spine of a book.  I though this was a great idea, and we agreed that we should do a private little swap - I would make a block for her Star of Africa quilt, and she would make me a little something

Now I don't know much about czech childrens stories, myths and legends, as I didn't grow up here.  So for inspiration, I went to my friend/teacher/adviser of all thing Czech, Lenka, and she suggested a little character that all czech kids have grown up with for years - Krteček - or little mole in English


He was created in the 1950'2 by Zdeněk Miler, at a time when the animation industry here was at in full flight. In 2011, Krteček even went into space on board the space shuttle Endeavour.

So here's my take on  Krteček 
As Lenka pointed out, he was never purple, but who wants a black mole on brown soil on their quilt?

And here's the spine 
 I also came across a little mole in the supermarket, clearly looking for a new home

Little mole came on my trip to London to meet his new friend Nicky, and is now living with her in England!

And in exchange?  Well I asked for a block that I could make into a cushion for the kitchen (because Gordon likes them so much, and he doesn't have nearly enough!)

Such fun!!  It'll just fit perfectly into my yellow kitchen, when I get around to making it up into a cushion.  These things don't take long, but I have so many other things on the go!  But I will Nicky, it's lovely.

So come on Nicky, how do you pronounce it?  Kr-te-chek!


  1. Great little swap Di - I must get on with my contribution for Nicky!

  2. Great swap! I love your little mole. Purple suits him far better. And Nicky's block will make a fab cushion.

  3. Wonderful swap, and Little Mole is too sweet for words. I think you both did well out of this one.

  4. What a fun swap. You did a fab job on the mole and received a beautiful start to your cushion too.

  5. I recognize that little mole from my travels! So cute!

  6. Fab mole, and purple is a way better colour than brown for him! Great swap :o)

  7. Little Mole is adorable (and I think he looks fabulous in purple)

    Looks like a fantastic swap deal. Im sure Gordon is loving that extra cushion...

  8. Both blocks are lovely. I love the purple little mole.

  9. Oh my goodness - I remember watching that little mole on TV as a child - so he obviosuly got exported to England - I can't remember for the life of me what he got renamed though.

  10. Oh, the mole is fantastic!