11 August 2013

Odds n Ends

Because I seem to have lost my blogging mojo recently, I have quite a few bits and bobs that I need to show you.  Only small things, manly bee blocks, but I don't like them to go un-recorded

In June, Elisabeth gave the girls of Sew Eurobee-an an easy month.  She sent us a selection of solids in blue/turqouise/teal and told us to get on and make what we wanted.  So I got out my Modern Blocks book, and the Fat Quarterly shape book and made these two beauties

I love the little block on the left (Interlocked by Tacha Bruecher), so much so that I have planned and started cutting, a baby quilt for a freinds baby due in October.   There were casualties though.

I started to make a different second block and decided I didn't like the stripey fabric

So I replaced that, finished the block and it turned out too narrow, and the sides didn't line up. 

I think this is quite an achievement when most of the block is paper pieced.  Obviously the problem was in the white background blocks that I added at the end.  Despite help from Di in London, and me re-sewing the corner pieces completely, it is still not right.

So it went in the bin!

I think Elisabeth liked her blocks, but she's not getting the third!


  1. I love that block on the left too. It'll make a great baby quilt so will look forward to seeing that.

  2. Great job on the 2 you sent, and the 3rd one wasn't *that* awful, maybe you need to PP the whole thing next time

  3. Oh well! Chalk it up to experience! The other too are fabulous and I agree the interlocked is beautiful!

  4. I don't like the blocks, Di, I love them! I'm sorry the last one didn't work for you, it looks like a really lovely block.

  5. I love the one on the left and the other one is lovely too. I think sometimes it is right to just toss out something that is not working, let it just go. I am glad you did.

  6. There are always blocks that we don't like! Love the other two

  7. 2 out 3 fantastic - in the bin though, that's harsh!

  8. I'm sorry that block we worked on didn't turn out. It just shows that even 2 of Charlie's Angeks can't resurrect a boo boo block.

  9. Sometimes you just cant make something turn out like you think it will...I hide those things in the bin too.

    Love the other two blocks . The colours are fab!