14 August 2013

WIP Wednesday

The temperatures have dropped to a pleasant 25 degrees here, so it's now safe to come out of the freezer!
A little sewing has been going on

Old stuff

The Blue Beast (A quilt formerly known as the Blue Lagoon) is almost vanquished!


Almost bound!

I opted for straight line quilting across the diagonals a) because I thought it would take a little of the squareness away and b) it was 35 degrees outside (and probably hotter in my sewing room) and I couldn't face wrestling with it to get it FMQ'd!  This quilt is for friends Mark and Rose, who are over with us next week, so it should be finished just in time!

New stuff

Although I have plenty of other things to finish, I just couldn't help starting something new

Destined to be a baby quilt for a colleague - we don't know what flavour the baby is, so it's going to be bright but gender neutral.

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  1. That block is great, it will be a fantastic quilt.

  2. Massive amount of work done on the quilt, straight line quilting or not. Love that almost finished feeling. Also love that block!

  3. well done wrestling the beast! cool fabric picks for that block too.

  4. Well it'll be baby flavoured, silly! Well done for tackling the beast

  5. Love that quilting on the beast . Perfectly perfect for that design. Simple but lovely!

    And that baby block looks complicated but very interesting.

  6. Great quilting and such an interesting block !

  7. Congrats on tackling the beast! I love the baby quilt!

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  9. Love that quilt beginning! It's going to look great.

  10. 25 sounds divine! We're still having massive cold fronts crossing southern Australia every few days with rain and wind. Top of 13 tomorrow! That diamond shaped block looks very complicated, but it will make a gorge quilt.

  11. I am very late in reading but know that this quilt turned out lovely and there is no chance it will be on the bed when I visit. Sad!
    Try the glue basting method for binding. Your life will be forever changed!