06 September 2013

A slow week

I feel like this week has passed by without actually achieving anything much.  Gordon would say that's not a problem, you don't always have to achieve something. But I like to have something concrete to show for my week.

I started off on Saturday cutting for a new project.  From the moment I got my "Hand Quilting with love" book by Sarak Fielke, I wanted to make this quilt

I've spent the summer collecting fabrics

Liberty bought in London for the diamond centres

For the diamond points
For the background

I was going to cut everything into strips first, starting with my precious Liberty lawn. I got on to cutting for the diamonds for the tips, and thankfully checked the templates.  There was no way a 3 1/4 inch diamond would fit onto a 2 5/8 inch strip.  So I checked on the internet for errata and sure enough, it says all the templates are wrong. Blind panic set in, that I might have had cut all the Liberty fabric wrong.  So I mailed Sarah direct and she finally came back to me yesterday to give me the corrections.  Thankfully the first template and fabric size were OK, and thankfully I hadn't gone any further!  Sarah was very apologetic, and has had many problems with the editing of this book.  So if you plan to make anything, check the errata first.  Not something I would have thought to do before, but will in future!

But whilst I was waiting, I did make my Stitch Tease blocks for Hadley for September.  She asked for two Scrap vomit blocks, made from low volume fabrics.   My first thought was aaaggghh, my stash of low volume is not huge, but Hadley made a very good point.  Low volume doesn't mean beige and cream.  She actually wanted colours in there, and in the end I found plenty.   No brown of course!

I hope these make the grade Hadley

I did struggle a bit with the pinks, but I think they are OK in the end.

In trying to find all these low volume fabrics, I was prompted to tidy my scrap bag

I didn't finish, but it's a lot smaller now, so maybe the week wasn't entirely wasted!


  1. That's a worry about the book. I've never thought of books not being triple checked so that things are right. Love your blocks for Hadley. They are gorgeous!

  2. I have a love hate relationship with sorting my scraps! Looking forward to how your quilt will turn out (now you're over the stumbling block).

  3. I have lost count of the number of blog posts I've read where craft books have not been checked sufficiently so people have wasted a lot of time and effort. I think one of the Anna Maria Horner books - seams to me? had a shocking amount of errors. There were skirts in that book that would never fit anyone and required far more material than what was stated.

    Your blocks for Hadley are lovely!

  4. Good for you that you didn't cut. I like those blocks too. Enjoy your weekend!

  5. Hi Dianne! YOur new project is so beautiful! Sorry to hear about the mistakes. x Teje

  6. Unfortunately, unless the writer has the chance to get pattern testers for each quilt, these things will escape the editors, as they're certainly not knocking each pattern out in their offices ;o) Glad you got it sorted in the end though.

    A bit worried that you took to cleaning after all that though...

  7. Firstly - LOVE LOVE LOVE my blocks, thank you xxxxx

    And thank you for the heads up on the templates - although by the time I actually get round to making something from the book I will probably have forgotten!

  8. I really like the quilt you're planning to make.

    Seriously though - a book that has all the templates wrong is utterly ridiculous. Glad you were able to get the right measurements.

    Sorting scraps is one of my favourite things to do ...Im a sick individual.

  9. Good point to check the eratta, I tend to try a single block before cutting too much anyway but still. And good on you to tidy the scraps, my bag is overflowing too. Nice blocks for Hadley, she is going to have a wonderful quilt.

  10. I would say that is a very good week. So glad you didn't ruin any Liberty fabric with those bungled instructions.