30 September 2013

Bad Blogger

I'm ashamed to say that it's been over two weeks since I last posted! I've never gone that long before.   Since the beginning of summer I have found it increasingly harder to set aside the time to blog - both writing and reading blogs.   Blogging, and all the associated things like photo editing, pinterest, flickr, IG, all suck up  precious time.  I have actually got back into reading, which was one of the things that suffered because of blogging. It's also given me more time sewing, which is what I want to be doing.  Having said all that, I actually don't want to stop blogging, as I have made so many friends, and find it does spark off the creative ideas, so here's the plan

1.  I'm going to spring clean my reading list, and un-follow the one's that I usually pass over anyway

2.  I will try to plan my posts for the week ahead, make then shorter and more concise

3.  I will take part in Blogtoberfest again, to kick start my enthusiasm.

That's about it actually.  Does anyone else have any good tips for me?  What worked for you when you had lost your blogging mojo?

The other reason for not posting these last two weeks, is that we've been away a fair bit.   We were back in the UK for a wedding in the Cotswolds.  It was a beautiful happy wedding, with a vintage theme.  The weather was a bit naff, but the sun did come out for the photos thankfully.

We also popped up to our house in Herefordshire to check out the new septic tank

Exciting isn't it!

And called in at our old local for a sunday roast!

Then last weekend we collected friends from the airport in prague and headed to the north of Czech, to explore unknown territories.

We visited the town of Hermanice, which was devastated by a flood in 2010.  Gordon drove up with a car load of scouts to help out at the time, and he wanted to re-visit it to see how they were getting on.  He helped a family whose whole house had been washed away, including the foundations.

It all looked very different now to what it did then though, in the chaos, and he just couldn't pinpoint where he had been working.  Here's a few photos of the reconstruction, which is still going on..

We walked over the border from Czech to Poland

And what this man is supposed to be doing, I have no idea!
We're back home again now thank goodness (I do love my home).  So stick with me won't you, and we'll see if I can get back on track with the blogging!


  1. just take your time and dont try to force it .. that way it stays fun .. not a chore xx LOVE the bike xx.. not sure about the septic tank xx

  2. Some interesting pics. (Ok well maybe not the septic tank.) I sit with my laptop on the arm of the sofa and often wonder what I did before blogging, flickr and facebook. I think if anything becomes a chore and loses it's fun it's not point in doing it. I do think blogland and flickr have changed a lot since the summer. People seem to have less interest in it all.

  3. Hi, the last picture - this is nix or water sprite, vodník in Czech, the character from our fairy tales. I´m pretty sure because of his face and tail-coat. And next clues are cups for souls in his bag and smoking pipe - see http://www.galeriemoderna.cz/cz/paint.php?paint=118&collection=19
    Do you have the same character in UK?

  4. Dianne, don't feel bad bout not blogging, my last post was in July. Okay, my computer died after thtat so I don't have anything to blog with... I can't give you any tips either because I miss blogging a lot. What have you been reading? I've been on a reading kick also in the summer and finished several books. I never asked, but how did you end up in the Czech Republic? The wedding pictures are beautiful, thank you for sharing! It's relly sad to see how the flooded area is today 3 years later...

  5. I wouldn't worry about the blogging, living life, rather than blogging about it, is more interesting. And although it's lovely to here about some of what you are up to you've obviously been very busy. Where is you house in Herefordshire? I live only 18 miles from Hereford, over the border in Wales.

  6. If you get any good tips on getting back into blogging, feel free to pass them on please :o). Glad you've had fun.

  7. Everything seems to take up so much more time now doesn't it!

  8. What a lovely wedding setting. The idea of using mismatched china for the table settings is adorable.

    My enthusiasm for blogging ebbs and flows. I used to worry about that but now I just write when I have something to say and read other people’s blogs when I dont !

  9. Ha, I knew there was a reason you'd stopped commenting ;o) The new septic tanks is just amazeballs, and I think yer man in the last pic is taking a crap, you should introduce the two... :oD

    Tip? I try and get my blog posts all written in one night for the week

  10. It's a bit funny. I felt the same way during past week or so. It must be something in the air. Do not worry we get back on track. Take it easy and blog at your pace.

  11. I could have written the first chunk of your post - I do think you just have to ease the pressure off yourself to read every blog, comment on every blog and post frequently.You end up feeling so stretched.

  12. Well the wedding looked pretty at least!

    It's the commenting that zaps my energy - I feel guilty when I don't, but if I comment on everything, there is little time for anything else x

  13. The wedding looks absolutely gorgeous! If you find the magic solution to the blogging mojo please let me know - I'm having the same problem!

  14. The wedding looks absolutely gorgeous! If you find the magic solution to the blogging mojo please let me know - I'm having the same problem!

  15. I hear you on the blogging thing. I've been feeling the same way ever since the summer started too. One thing I've learned is there is no need to apologies for NOT blogging. We live you and will read whenever and whatever you decide to write.
    That wedding looks so pretty.
    Glad you made it to the land if my ancestors. Lovely country, isn't it?