01 September 2013

Fresh Sewing Day

Lily's Quilts

Is that it now?  Summer is over?   We've had a roasting August with temperatures up to 40 degrees when my three sister in law were here at the beginning of August.  Thank goodness for the pool!

We bobbed a lot

 Sat and watched a fantastic thunderstorm

 I fmq'd a quilt Bridget had made, because she chickened out of it, but she does the next one herself!

 And we grovelled on the floor and basted the blue beast

I made a few bee blocks

For Annabella

 For Nicolette
 For Jennifer (unfinished because I forgot to order the backing fabric!)

My biggest finish was the Blue Lagoon

And my littlest finish was this little thread catcher

And last but not least, I pickled an awful lot of onions!

That's it for August.    And what of September?  I have already started cutting for new quilt, but the templates in the book are wrong, so I'm stalled now until I get the right ones.  I guess I could find a few bits and bobs floating around waiting to get finished!

For those that came to see me from Lynnes Fresh Sewing Day, thanks for calling in and  I hope you enjoyed my whistle stop tour or August.  


  1. It has been a fantastic summer hasn't it. Love all of your makes

  2. I am visiting from Lilly's quilts, I love the fabrics you have been using ,your summer makes look lovely..

  3. Ohhh the pool!! Bet that was great fun! Lovely summer projects (except pickled onions!!) :)

  4. I love the beast AND your bee blocks!
    How horrible to have cut your fabric wrong because the templates were wrong! ARGHH

  5. That pool really was useful this summer. It's cool you had your family over. Nice project too.

  6. Busy little month there! Rather jealous of that pool...

  7. You've had a busy August :) Love the Blue Lagoon quilt!

  8. the only thing better than reading this post would be sitting and chatting with you about all your projects. I miss you, friend!

  9. Yeah to all that hard work in the pool - sorry I meant the sewing room!

  10. I love to see that pool, your house is so lovely. And wonderful sewing, I love the big blue quilt and all the rest too. It always feels like the first day of fall on Sept 1 here too, luckily fall is my favourite season.

  11. You've had a busy month despite the hot weather. What do you do with the pool in winter?

  12. Wonderful 'tour' - love your writing style and the blue beast is gorgeous!

  13. Gosh 40! I wouldn't have thought it gets that hot in Central Europe. It was about 10* C here today. After the promise of an early spring with temps near 25, South Australia has receded back into wintery temperatures.