08 October 2013

A good read

Before coming to live in the Czech Republic, I used to be an avid reader, but english books are hard to  come by here, and we were so busy and tired all the time, that I became an infrequent reader.  That was 8 years ago, and technology has come a long way since then.   I can now down-load books to my kindle  and audible books to my i-pod in seconds.   It will never beat the smell of a book, or the pleasure of turning over un-blemished pages, but any port in a storm.

I thought it's be a good idea to share some of the books I've been reading, just in case anyone is looking for a good read.

Normally I don't read historical novels, but I have discovered a few books that deal with more recent history.  I have read a few books by Victoria Hislop, the best being The Thread, which tells about life in Greece during the second world war. 

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 Another excellent book is "The People of the Book" by Geraldine Brooks.  It's the story of a young girl who restores an historical book which had been lost for many years.  The stories of the owners of the book unfolds as she finds a series of artifacts in the binding of the book - a grain of salt, a wine stain.

 People of the Book

Another favourite author of mine is Jodi Picoult.  I could honestly recommend any of her books, but I really enjoyed the Pact, Second Glance and House Rules

And before my last recommendation, due to popular request, here's the photo of what Czech Scotsmen wear under their quilts.

 Right, finally I have just recently finished a book called"The hundred year old man who climed out of the window and disappeared" by Jonas Jonasson.  It's a humourous, very cleverly written book, which I couldn't put down. 

So there are some suggestions.  Have you got any books that you read recently and couldn't put down.  Time to share......


  1. Thank you thank you! I'm also an advid reader and will bookmark you recommendations.

  2. Sorry - but anything you wrote about book reviews completely flew out of my head when I saw what was under those kilts !

  3. Hi Dianne! Great to hear about books! I have read Victoria's 'Island' and it was good. She won the 1st prize for the 'first published book' with that book. Great idea to listen books when quilting (just read that also in my comments). Happy readings! x Teje

  4. I Love Geraldine Brooks and didn't know about this book. Must check it out! Current book I'm reading is for book group. The little Coffee Shop of Kabul by Deborah Rodriguez. I also have that man who climbs out of the window book on my kindle waiting to be read. Even though I have a kindle I still like to read proper books...especially if I'm reading in the bath. As a bookcrosser I find as many books come my way as leave!

  5. thanks for the book recommendations. I am always looking for a good book. I'm listening to Inferno now...by Dan Brown. So far it's good

  6. I loved all of Victoria Hislops books - especially The Thread and The Island as I learnt so much. I shall look out for that man climbing out of his window! I love to read actual books but down load freebies onto my kindle for when travelling. I downloaded the complete works of Edith Wharton recently and although I skipped over a few I have found the majority that I have read very good.

  7. Oooh I started The Thread, really should start again soon.

    I read The Woman Who Went to Bed For A Year - Sue 'Adrian Mole' Townsend on holiday and couldn't put it down - worth a couple of days of anyone's time.

    PS. You do realise those Czech-Scots go awfully big when you double click on them!

  8. Just as hairy under those kilts over there too then...

  9. I'm an avid reader, mostly of crime and mystery. I enjoy Kathy Reichs, Kathryn Fox (Australian), and have joined the Scandinavian bandwagon recently. The Stieg Larsson series is excellent and have just found Camille Lackberg whose writing I really enjoyed.