12 October 2013

Bee Blocks out, bee blocks in

It's Pippa's month in the Euro Siblings Together Bee, and she asked for a simple log cabin in bright, happy colours,  with a novelty print in the centre.  Pippa has specified that this quilt will be for a 7-10 year old girl - a good idea to be specific, so we know we can all get the right sort of fabric.  Here's my effort
Hope it fits the bill

And the mail in was another 4 blocks in from my Stitch Tease buddies, Ange and Marit.  Thanks for the beautiful blocks ladies

I am just waiting for the last two to arrive (I know they are on the way) and when I've got a minute, I have to make myself a second block.  Then I'm ready to start assembling the top.  Oh I just know this is going to be a brilliant quilt!



  1. Great blocks Di ! Especially love the monkeys

  2. Best get started on your 2nd one now you can whip it up as soon as those other blocks arrive ;o)

  3. Bees are fun. Bee-ing in and bee-ing out