25 October 2013

Bloggers Quilt Festival

You know winter is fast approaching when the Bloggers Quilt Festival starts
Blogger's Quilt Festival - AmysCreativeSide.com
This year I'm going to enter my first ever bee quilt.    I know we all think we have the best ever bee quilt, but I really have!  The first round of the Stitch Tease bee started in February 2012.  We had to think of a theme, mine was pinwheels, and make a block for ourselves(quite a large block as there were only 8 of us at first).  I sent this off to Hadley, and through the next 12 months, each of the other girls made their blocks and sent them to Hadley to, so that she could make the final block and assemble the quilt top.  Throughout the months, I had seen nothing more than heavily disguised snippets of the blocks, so it was a wonderful surprise to receive my beautiful quilt top

I had planned this quilt for a double bed,  but in the intervening year, we had bought a full king size bed, so the quilt was now too small, and I had to add a border.  I was worried it was all going to look a bit silly, but in the end I think the border complemented the pinwheels.
And a special quilt needed a special photo shoot.  We took off to the chateau in town one late evening in summer

As I said, this was my very first bee, and so will always be special. 

Pattern;  From the Stitch Tease ladies (in no particular order)
Fabrics:  We each chose a fabric - mine was  Sea Scallop, by Michael Miller, which I used in every bee block.  The rest was scraps from our stashes
Backing:  Ikea (not sure of it's name)
Binding: Deco Flowers stripe from Makower
Quilted: FMQ'd by myself in an overall meander using Aurifil 50 weight thread in white.
Category:   Bee block
Please go across to Amy's creative side, where you'll find hundreds of lovely quilts.  A big thanks to Amy for organising the Festival - I can't imagine how much work must be involved.


  1. Its lovely, and you're right, the border doesnt hamper it at all, it looks just right.

  2. This quilt is totally beautiful. Your photos are breathtaking.

  3. Gorgeous quilt and stunning photography.

  4. It is stunning and the pics are fabulous!

  5. I love how these disparate pinwheels came together so beautifully. And so proud to be a small part of it. A great entry into the festival!

  6. I do love this quilt, thanks for letting me be part of it :o)

  7. It's so lovely! Thank you for sharing it!

  8. Hi Dianne! Your quilt is so beautiful! I love how it's so lightful and still has lovely colours! Beautiful photos, too! x Teje

  9. it's wonderful! A really great bee quilt :-)

  10. ou are happy to take picture in Valtice casle! Nice quilt, nice pictures.

  11. I love this quilt, everything about it. And these photos are just stunning!

  12. I just love this quilt. The colors and pinwheels are so lovely.

  13. What a wonderful quilt! I love the border you added as well-- it frames the pinwheels perfectly. :)