29 October 2013

Bloggers Quilt Festival


Having made a total and utter b***s up of my first entry into the Bloggers Quilt Festival, I'm going to see if I can do better with my second.  First of all I thought I'd read somewhere that you could enter one quilt in 3 categories - WRONG.  So then I deleted two and left it in the photography category, because I thought the location and photos were stunning.  Then I remembered that I actually hadn't taken the photos myself, which seemed like a bit of a cheat really.  So I eventually put it into the bee quilt category.

My second entry is going to be my Blue Lagoon quilt

You've probably heard the story before, but I made this quilt for friend Mark and Rose.  We were going through patterns on t'interweb and in my books, and she kept coming back to this one.  I wasn't keen on trying to make this as it seemed a bit of a nightmare, all those little squares, but try as I might, she wouldn't be deflected!  So this one it had to be.  Rose and I trawled as many fabric shops as we could, both together and individually, and I raided my stash, to find all those different blues.   It actually came together quite quickly as most of it could be chained pieced,
 but there were a few moments when I nodded off at the machine, the boredom taking over!

 However, it was all worth it because I think this made a stunning quilt

I handed it over to Mark and Rose when they were here in August, and I'm pleased  to say it looks good in it's new home, and has it's own Ted to look after it!

Pattern:  Blue Lagoon by Micky and Pam Lintott from theie book, Jelly Roll Quilts
Fabrics: An assorted bought in the UK, CZ and from my stash. Sashing Kona snow
Thread:  Aurifil 50 - 2026
Started January 2013, Finished August 2013
Category: Two colour quilt

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  1. Looks fab Di, love the beautiful simplicity of it! x

  2. Lovely - and the kind of quilt that comes to mind when you first hear the word quilt!

  3. I have always loved this quilt . Its one of my favourites . The simplicity of the blue and white really rock my socks. You did a wonderful job!

  4. Are you sure you want to enter it into that category? Tee hee :oD

  5. Oh, it's a wonderful quilt. Good choice for the quilt festival.

  6. You can't beat blue and white for classic beauty! Gorgeous entry.

  7. I do like the blue and white - it is so effective. Your quilt looks great.

  8. It's a beautiful quilt....I love the book it's from too.

  9. You know I love this quilt, I am so partial to blue and white. I like to have a simple piecing project for those days when I cannot manage more complicated.

  10. Such a sweet quilt! my youngest, 14, wants a blue/white quilt...this is so inspiring!

  11. I still love the simple beauty of this quilt.

  12. This is really a beautiful quilt, Dianne. It made me chuckle when you mentioned that you nodded off at the machine. Blue is a very calming color....