30 October 2013

Blogtoberfest Day 30 and counting.....

Phew, we're nearly there..... just one more day, two more posts!   Tonight I've got another finish to share with you.  You may, or maybe not, remember way back iin London,  I did a little swap with Nicky.
A mole

for a coffee pot

I added a border of Prince Charming Hexbox, and tried a little hand quilting

Here it is backed with LaDeeDah floradots, a hidden zip, and my favouritest ever taupe dot print binding
Since starting my cushion replacement programme I have made 5 cushions

which is probably as much as Gordon can take right now, so I'm going to all it a day on the cushion front, although I suppose there will always be a need for a wash and a wear.............


  1. Love that cushion...are you trying to send Gordon mad ?

    I have some of that yellow honeycomb fabric too!

  2. Brilliant cushion, and remember sweetie, you dont need to fill them all, they can be standbys for swapping over...

  3. Love the Coffee pot and mugs cushion.

  4. Great job with the coffee pot! You've done really well with all your posts, I'm going to miss them ( I'm assuming you're not going to continue with daily posts..)

  5. May be you could have a summery and a wintery set.....so you could make more!

  6. What about bed cushions? I'm making rainbow ones for my MIL, every occasion I give her a new one and she has them in her conservatory- I have been told she wants "loads"!

  7. Tee hee, the Gordon cushion threshold limit :oD