20 October 2013

From our window

Today's "from my window" is a joint effort.  We have Gordon's nephew, wife and 2 boys staying with us so we are all joining in
From our window - Wildebeast roaming across the plains.  Gourds.  A swimming pool.  Half a praying mantis.

I am thinking that is most rubbish potato peeler I've ever seen (Dave) 

I'm exhausted (Bec)  I'm hungry (Lally)
From my kitchen Mince and potatoes, although some of us will be picking out the onions
I am wearing A t shirt with "sick" on it (Jack)
I am creating wind, from too many pickled onions (Lally)
I am going  to roast chestnuts on an open fire
I am reading The Clumsies make a mess (Lally)  Me before you (Me)
I am hearing Gordon talking, and talking, and cooking
Around the house are lots of smelly shoes, and smelly children 
One of my favourite things football, food, wine, family, shouting, home, sewing 
A photo that (will) bring back happy memories



  1. From this post I think Wine should be promoted to first place - by the look on Gordon's face, his chestnuts are done!

  2. Brilliant! Gordon's face is a picture!!! And do you really have Wildebeest in the garden? Also how is Me before You. It's sitting on my shelf looking at me and somehow never seems to call my name ;-)

  3. Excellent. How happy memories are made.

  4. Well your praying mantis probably had a good time before he expired at least ;o) I bet it was you with the pickled onions too, fancy blaming it on a child...

  5. Funny photos and farting...sounds like a perfect evening

  6. Great post! It sounds like a very happy visit from family. Good times.