15 October 2013

Garden round-up

As the gardening year draws to a close, I thought I'd do a quick round up of the year.  Like most of Europe, it got off to a very late start.  We got back from Vietnam at the start of March, expecting we had missed the worst of the winter, and faced this

repeatedly throughout March.  But nature has a way of catching up, and we had some beautiful spring flowers

The mad tomato woman was somewhat restrained this year

It turns out that 14 plants are more than enough for two people.  Who'd have thought!.

My flower bed has kept me going with cut flowers for the whole summer
And the shallots will keep us going for many months to come

And finally, I leave you with the oddest sweet potatoes i've ever seen, let alone grown



  1. Well yes, it has been a funny year with each season later than usual.Autumn should be well under way by now but there is only a minor glow from a few plants. No cranes flying south yet either.
    Lovely pictures - thank you very much for sharing.

  2. Your flower beds look lovely and I miss home pickled shallots. Your sweet pots look like my carrots did this year!

  3. Dear lord is that some sort of biohazard fertilizer you used on the sweet potatoes!?

  4. Every time you show your garden I get tired even contemplating all that work. I just do not have the green thumb required. Or the will. But I happily admire yours.

  5. Love these garden pics! I wish my cutting garden looked like yours, but I'll be retiring soon. Hopefully I'll have time to get it all in order

  6. I am so envious if your cutting garden.