26 October 2013

Happy Birthday

I'm over in the UK this weekend to help celebrate my SIL, Bridget's 50th Birthday
We were greeted at the door by this vision of loveliness
In her personalised onesie, a special present from her younger son.!
Today we met with Ange at the Sewing Cafe in Hinckley. We came out with a few small purchases

then went for a coffee, a cake and a natter.  We won't mention how many marshmallows there were on yours Ange.

And when I got home, I had another gift from last weeks visitors as a "thank you for having me"gift.  To my mind, a girl can't have too many cozy slippers!
Looking forward to a celebratory meal out this evening, some sewing time together tomorrow, and possibly more shopping on Monday.


  1. So jealous I couldn't meet up too, but glad you're having a good time.

  2. What a fabulous onesie, i so need one, except i would look like a hippo in it! Great to meet up with you lovely ladies today, and thx for the hot choc, you're right, lets not mention the cream AND marshmallows!!! ;o)

  3. That was awffy restrained on the fabric front, if not the marshmallows ;o)

  4. Having fun with friends and family is the best. Safe journey home.

  5. Happy Birthday to Bridget . Have a wonderful time.

    Of course you cant go shopping without buying something useful to bring back home !

  6. Glad you had a great time, shame I couldn't be there (but Canada was fabulous)!