22 October 2013

New for old

We used to be the proud owner of one of these

It's a Hobart, industrial strength mixer.  We used to have an English friend here in the village, and Nick and Gordon would spend many a happy winter afternoon in the garage, making sausages.  Not the most sanitory conditions, but no-one ever died!  But Nick went back to the UK, and I'm certainly not spending a cold afternoon in the garage, so no more sausages.   We had an opportunity to sell the mixer to a friend in Prague who is setting up a business making pies, so it went off to it's new home last week.

Gordon knew exactly what he wanted to do with the money

He went down to the bazaar and bought two guests bikes.  They need a bit of attention, but the boys have already spent a happy hour servicing the little one.
So when you come visit the Neales, you have no good reason for not going out for a bike ride (size permitting!)


  1. Good idea to have more bikes! I have already receive one red nice city bike to move to my job every morning. (It is my 40. birthday today.)

  2. if it keeps them happy .. then so be it xx hope the guests approve xx

  3. So basically you're saying if we can get our leg over we're sorted? ;o)

  4. make sure when these two long legged creatures come to visit that the seats can be moved up.

  5. The little one looks about right for me.