03 October 2013


  she can quilt
 Summer has gone then, and we had our first frost this morning just to prove it.  A reminder, if I needed one, to post my Q3 FAL finishes.   It seems so long ago that I made my wish list of finishes - just 4 of them. 

The first one just HAD  to be finished. Remember my Blue Lagoon?  I wrote about it in this post

Then there was this cushion that I was taking to the FQR retreat in London to hand quilt


Well I finished it, but I'm not particularly thrilled by it.   I think it's the fabric I used for the piping that is putting me off.  It looks good with the back, but not so much the front.

You can't actually see it here, but from the back, it is the worst bit of piping you'll ever come across.  It's OK from the front though

Here's a closer shot of my hand quilting, which I'm pretty pleased with (covered in cat hairs I see!)

And finally the Circa 1934 quilt.  I have always had my eye on this fabric, but when the Jelly Roll arrived, I was less keen.  It all seemed a bit dull, and I didn't know what to make with it.  I eventually came across a mystery QAL, but when it came to assembling the top, I didn't like the pattern so I made one up myself!  I'm not ever so pleased with it, because I don't think the diamond and diagonals show up terribly well.  But it is destined for a friend at Christmas, and she will be happy I made something for her!

I backed it with the good old Briton numbers fabric from IKEA, and quilted it in simple straight lines along the diagonals, using a sandy coloured Aurifil (2000).  The light grey binding is something I bought locally.

It does go very nicely with Ted's Lichfield Cathedral hoodie, don't you think!  I'm calling it "Up-side down" as I managed to sew the backing on upside-down!

The one that got away was the wheels on the bus


I think I'll give up on this one!!! Or maybe make a lot more in brighter colours.  Who knows

Linking up Leanne's Q3 FAL, and then I'm off to write a list for Q4.  The weather is getting colder, and there is less work to be doing on the garden, so I may be a bit more ambitious this quarter


  1. I think you did quite well finishing 75%. I only finished at 33%.

  2. I do like a blog with cat hairs, and piping that looks better on one side! I sewed Ikea numbers upside down on my last quilt too but didn't own up to it. Love your lagoon quilt.

  3. I think the cushion is lovely - I think cat hairs are expected on quilts and cushions.

    I only finished one of my 2 - my machine has broken again.

  4. good finishes there .. I especially like pet hairs as they add the extra bit of warmth and insulations x my dogs regulay donate hairs to me and my quilts xx

  5. Frost!?
    Piping - the devil's work I tell you!

  6. I love the cushion and the quilt...very well done. The hand quilting on the cushion is beautiful.

    I have a pile of that circa 1934 and Ive been wondering what to do with it too...I think I’ll treat it like large print after your experience. Assuming I ever get round to using it...

  7. You did great this quarter, 3/4 is wonderful. I actually like your upside down quilt a lot, it is a subdued palette but I like it, and I love how you ended up piecing it together. I look forward to seeing your Q4 list.