18 December 2013

Hello Dolly

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced 
A couple of weeks ago, Gordon came home from his Czech lesson with a doll.

And instructions from our freind, Lenni, to make some clothes for it!  Lenni thinks that, as I make quilts, I can make dolls clothes.  Well, there's a first for everything, so I trawled the 'net for some free patterns, and managed to make a few things.

A strappy summer dress

A little top teamed with either a gathered skirt

Or made more casual with a pair of leggings
All very simple, both to make and to use.   The top is reversible, with a litttle sweetheart neckline, but after I'd sewn the two pieces together, I realised it wasn't big enough around the bottom.   I had no more fabric, and it was too nice to throw away, so I put a popper at the top where the back closed, and called it a cross-over!
It ruches up nicely, and no-one would ever know it wasn't intentional!

So all I've got to do is take up the hem on a pair of trousers for himself (he's been waiting and moaning for a good two weeks now) then I'm going to do some Christmas stitching for me

It probably won't be finished before Christmas, but I'll have it ready for next year!


  1. Adorable doll clothes, you did a terrific job, your Christmas stitching project looks great.

  2. I'm not at the doll clothes stage yet. Good job!

  3. Oh I have been that 'dressmaker' Still, I shouldn't complain, that's how I accidentally found quilting when I went looking for patterns lol

  4. For someone who doesn't know how to make clothes I think you did a darn fine job! Miss Dolly looks very stylish!

  5. Kudos for dolly dressing - I would have told feigned complete and utter incompetence (not hard for me!) xxx