30 December 2013

I think I'm indecisive

... but I'm not really sure!

I have spent some time over Christmas working on my Stitch Tease quilt, but despite help from my IG followers, I have come to a point where I cannot make my mind up, so I've photographed it and put it away.  I'll sleep on it and see if it's any clearer in the morning!

I have turned my 25 blocks

Into a medallion-style quilt

But now it needs a border.  I rejected a plain border, or a floral border, in preference to a pieced border.  That's what medallion quilts have don't they?

I put the three choices on IG, and the vote was more or less equal between
No spacers
Small spacers

 So I made one border with spacers (which, despite extensive mathematical calculations, is still too short!)

and one with no spacers

And do you know what?  I still couldn't make my mind up!


  1. Having seen the two like that I vote no spacers.

  2. Well just to totally contradict Susan, I vote spacers. *g* I like the breathing space it gives. Although the no spacers goes well with the busy interior. They both will look fab, it's purely a personal thing. Which I do realise is no help at all to you and I may as well have said nothing!

  3. I agree, I think it looks better with the small spacers, but they both look good. I don't think it will really matter, as the finished result will still be fab either way!

  4. Hi Diane! I love all the blocks here! Your whole desing is so beautiful! To MIX you more, I tell you that I would leave it without border - I like the look with grey Line outside and I imagine that as a binding. From your two choises, I would go with Spaces. Any way it's going to gorgeus quilt! Happy NEW Year! x Teje

  5. That is indeed a tricky decision and it's not my intention to make it even more tricky, but how about making e.g. the shorter sides without spacers and the longer ones with spacers?

  6. I really like this quilt top without a border...but maybe Im just being difficult !

  7. Sorry to add to the confusion but does it really need a border?! I for one loooooove it how it is!!!! So I'd say: KISS and skip the border!

  8. Good thinking to give yourself a bit of time to mull it over, I often find that really helps, and I get inspiration when I least expect it. Good Luck :o)

  9. No spacers :oD Although maybe you need space to think on it ;o)

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    1. mmmmm does it really need a border? I dont know!!!
      Good luck with what ever you decide to go with !!
      BIG help there wasnt I?
      Hope the New Year is a good one and you are able to come to at least ONE decision that you are happy with He-He x

  11. Love that quilt and think the no spacer borders look fab. HNY :)

  12. Now that I see it I like the with spacers border.

  13. No spacers is my vote. Can't tell you why, I just think it looks better. I love the quilt by the way! I think it looks brilliant without a border.