12 January 2014

2014 FAL the first one

Finish Along 2014
It's 07:30 on Sunday morning and all is quiet at Quiltova towers.  Gordon is still snoozing, and dogs and cats, after their initial bout of "good morning I'm so pleased to see you (dogs) are you going to feed me (cats)"  madness have settled into some gentle snoring and dream rabbit chasing.  I love my Sunday mornings.

This Sunday morning I am contemplating my possible finishes for the first quarter finish along of 2014, hosted this year by Katy.  There are quite a few, but some are very close to being finished, so I should stand a good chance.  The next two months are usually good sewing times for me - the weather is usually cold and snowy, a good excuse to stay in my sewing room.  So far this year though, there is no sign of the cold and the snow.  In fact, I am going outside today to clean some of the windows.  Only some for goodness sake, don't panic

1.  Stitch Tease 2 quilt.  This one is going to get finished come hell or high water.  I got it on the machine yesterday to quilt, and the day went badly.  I tried using variagated thread (again).  Having quilted the centre block, and some of the next round, I decided I really didn't like it, so I spent last night, and no doubt tonight, unpicking it all!   I think it's because of the purple - it stands out like a sore thumb, and if the quilting is less than perfect, which mine definitely is - the purple highlights every mistake.  Back to white or cream for me!

2.  The purple and orange diamonds.   I picked this up yesterday when I'd had enough of the quilting.  I've nearly finished piecing the top

3.  Euro Siblings Together.  I would really like to get this one finished and ready to go before the deadline.  I hate leaving things to the last minute, then rushing them.
 4.  Flower girl quilt.  I have only part cut this one, but my SIL Bridget is coming over for a sewing weekend soon, and we plan to get this one pieced at least.  Then we can toss up for who quilts it.

5 & 6.  I'm not sure if I'm late for last Christmas or early for next, but I have two Christmassy EPP projects than are almost finished and ready to me made into cushions. I had many a happy hour in front of the TV over Christmas sewing these

7.  I think I can list knitting projects too, so I am also determined to finish this cardigan.  I was one ball short to finish it, but that will be winging it's way to me on Monday, so I should get this done.  I have so many unfinished kniting and crochet projects, I should get them out and list them all.  Maybe they would get finished then!

Well that's all I'm going to list.  I have two more projects that I know I won't get finished.  They may make progress, but they won't get finished.

Keep your fingers crossed that I will get this lot done.  And good luck to everyone else with their projects.  Well, I can't put off the windows any longer!


  1. Hi Diane,

    Just like you I have quilt tops that need quilting/ I have to re-arrange the lounge to get the floor space to pin them and then horror of horrors I have to Free Motion Quilt them. It's the fact that it always looks rubbish that puts ,me off starting and then I'll never get better cos I don't practice. Doh! Just gotta bite the bullet. Have a good Sunday.


  2. This looks like a doable list Di. Good luck with finishing them all!

  3. You've got some excellent projects there. The hexies are so pretty. And why did I read that you were 'one ball short of finishing' the knitting instead of 'one ball short TO finish'?

  4. This is certainly a doable list, I hope you finish them all plus one you didn't expect to finish!

  5. such a lovely list. I love your Christmas hexie pillows especially :-)

  6. Good luck with that list! Although those purple and orange diamonds look suspiciously blue and orange ;o)

  7. Cleaning windows, and on a Sunday - shocking!

    Nice list xxx

  8. Hi Diane! Great beginning for this year! I love your quilts and the knitted cardigan could be also on my needles. Those hexies are so cute! x Teje

  9. Love those two hexie projects. I think you have a very doable list there

  10. Good Luck with the list, and hope you get them all finished :o)

  11. My eyes lit up when I saw the Flower Girl fabric. Very nice !

    Im calling your Christmas projects early for 2014 . You’re welcome !

    I think thats a very interesting and manageable list. Go you!

  12. Think how happy you will feel when you get these finished....you found a way to have more cushions too!!