02 January 2014

Claiming my Q4 2013 FAL's

I listed quite a few projects to finish last quarter, to try and clear out my sewing room a little bit.  I did manage to finish 4 out of the 8, which is good, but not what I'd hoped for.

The list went as follows

1. Happy Go Lucky  -  Tick

2. Vintage Dress Mini quilt - Tick

4. Orange/Blue Mini Quilt. - Fail
5. Love Beads - Fail
6. Stitch Tease Quilt -  progress has been made, but still a fail!
7. Euro Siblings Together - Fail, not even out of the drawer
8.  Mystery Quilt - later revealed as the Giant Chevron - Tick

A quick, to the point  post, and now I'm off to see what I've got for the first quarter FAL of 2014, which is being hosted this year by Katy.


  1. You still managed to finish a good number of things last quarter.

    The vintage dress quilt is on my list for this year - if I can find time to finish everything that seems to have follwed me over from 2013 !

  2. I like what you did do, and #6 must be nearly there by now lol

    The link up doesn't open til the 9th, so you have a week to go hunting ;o)

  3. I am impressed as I only finished 1 project and that was due to a last minute decision to give as a Christmas gift and it only needed a binding. LOL Great job!

  4. You did great, I look forward to seeing your next list too.

  5. 50% is darn good for all the other things you made too