08 January 2014

WIP Wednesday

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced 
I've spent a good deal of time recently working on my Stitch tease quilt.  Not quite as much time as I've spent thinking about it, though! Thanks to everyone who commented on my last Stitch Tease post, offereing opinions about the border.  When you sit at home, with no-one that you can discuss it with, it really does help to have some objective opinions thrown in.   I was torn between a wonky cross border, or wonky crosses with small insets in between.  Then a few people came up with the suggestion that it would look better without any border!  How to confuse a girl.   The jury was almost equally split between the three options, and to be honest, my head said that it would look great without a border at all.   But heads don't always win do they!  I had set my heart on a wonky cross border, and I had already made enough crosses to complete the border with inset panels, so in the end, that's what I went for

Yep, that's just the hectic look I was after!!  Dressing it up rather than toning it down!
I have basted it using  Henna fabric for the backing, which I bought specially for this quilt.  You can just see it poking out below.  I am quite a tactile person, and this fabric is so smooth and silky, I just want to sit stroking it!  Now I have to decide how to quilt it.  I've had a couple of suggestions, but I need to "get to know" the quilt.  I like to leave it lying around, so that I see it and touch it every time I pass.  Or I sit with it on my knee for the evening.  Eventually I come up with a plan that feels right!

In the meatime I am making a bit of progress with those orange and blue diamonds.  
Again thanks to your suggestions, I was able to get away from this layout, which wasn't working, and open my mind up to other possibilites.  I had a light-bulb moment in the early hours of the morning (when normal people sleep, and I should have been), and I think I know where I am going with this one. I am in the process of making another couple  of blocks and I'm keen to get it finished now.   Pray for rain or snow at the weekend!

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  1. I love the crazy quilt with the cross border, it is wonderful. and I shall be watching where you go with those lovely blocks.

  2. I love your quilt, it is so stunning! I like that you made it look "busy"--that's my favorite kind of quilt. Your diamonds look great too.

  3. Oh I love it with the borders - it looks brilliant - glad to be in there xxx

  4. The cross border still looks great. Sometimes you just have to go with your gut! You've been one busy chickadee this week...

  5. Looks fab with the wonky cross border, suitably busy!

  6. Wow Di, those are awesome! I think the cross border is very cute and the orange & blue diamonds look like an interesting block. Like you, I have to sit with a quilt top for a few days & let it "tell" me how it wants to be quilted. I'm looking forward to seeing what you decide. Well done! :-)


  7. The border is perfect!! I love the craziness of this quilt and so happy to have played a small part in it :)