29 January 2014

WIP Wednesday

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

I'm getting rather excited because my SIL, Bridget arrives tomorrow for a week of sewing.  Well, nearly a week of sewing, although I suppose I'd better share her with Gordon a bit too! One of the projects we want to make progress on is the old Snowballs "Heirloom quilt".  I think by the time she arrives with her blocks, we will have near on 40 of the, enough for two quilts very probably.

I've been sorting through them, dusting off the cobwebs, taking out papers, removing threads etc, but I've come across a little problem.  Unfortunately, when Bridget printed out some of the templates, she didn't print them "actual size" so the blocks vary in size, and we are never going to be able to sew them together.  I think the best bet will be to applique them on to a backing.  But, never having done this before, I have a question.  What do I do with all the little ears that stick out?   Can anyone help me?

I'm linking up with Lee's WIP Wednesday, so here's my full list
  • Stitch Tease 2 - half quilted but I daren't put my machine onto FMQ until after Bridget has gone, just in case the tension goes again!
  • Love beads - all the diamonds made, and started to piece the top.  Loving this one
  • Scrappy quilt - about 500 2 1/2 in square cut - just another 300 to go!
  • Euro Siblings together - top completed, waiting to be basted
  • 2 Christmas cushions - front completed, waiting to be made up into cushions
  • Tea cup quilt - no progress
  • Flower girl quilt - waiting for bridget
I have a few other bits of EPP and Bee blocks floating around too.  I MUST NOT START ANYTHING ELSE!
Right now, I'd best get off and tidy the sewing room a bit to make room for an extra body!


  1. i suppose you have to try and tuck them under,.. but never done it so not sure xx Have fun x

  2. I tucked all the ears under on my starflowers quilt top. Have a fun week.

  3. Acccckk! Sorry to hear your blocks are different sizes...I really hate when that happens. I think you have a great solution though by appliqueing them instead:) They are gorgeous!

  4. Since the blocks are all stitched, could you let loose the basting stitches around the outer edges of the block and open the seams out so you'd have a smoother line along the outside edges? Sounds like you and your SIL are good friends, too -- nice!!

  5. Printing is always tricky with a mind of its own sometimes. I'm sure you'll get it figured out, they are beautiful

  6. Diane, if it was me, I'd simply trim off the "dog ears." That's what we call those little tabs in the US. Tucking them under would be much too fussy for my little brain. Are you going to machine or hand applique them? If you machine applique, cutting them off should not be any problem at all. The quilts are going to be beautiful--have a good time with your SIL.

  7. Hmm, no clue on the EPP I'm afraid, but hope you all have fun together!

  8. I'd just tuck them under, nay bother xxx

  9. I would go with the tuck 'em under folks, but if that does not work, then sew a narrow border onto each and tell everyone that it was part of the plan! Good luck - I 'm sure that it will turn out lovely.

  10. I am doing an applique project that requires me to turn under ears as Im sewing them down at the moment...its easy! Go with that...

    The snowballs are GORGEOUS!

  11. I hope you figure out how to sew this down because the blocks are really quite lovely.