07 February 2014

Flashback Friday

Back track to this time last week, and we had Gordon's sister, and my sewing buddy, Bridget staying with us.   She managed to sneak a week away as her husband was off on a short, boys skiing holiday in France.  The plan was to sew, sew, sew, but there was also a little brother/sister time, some shopping, and a trip to the spa.

Sewing first of course.  The aim was to make a quilt for our great-niece Elsie.  I made this quilt for her in 2011 when she was born.

She's now in a big girls bed, and needs a big girls quilt.   Her room is decorated a la Kath Kidston, so the quilt has to fit in.  I thought this fabric would be good
And I chose this Flower Girl pattern from Thimble Blossoms

By Wednesday evening, we had pieced the top, all but sewing together the rows

 It's gone off with Bridget to finish the top, and maybe, if she's a brave girl, she'll quilt it too.  If not, we're off skiing in a few weeks and she'll bring it back again!
Bridget also made a wide open mouth pouch  for her hand sewing.  But she's much more talented than me, and she added a little pin cushion/pocket that flips out when you're sewing, and flips back in when you're not.

I've made a small one for my friend's mum who is 60 and who's party we're going to tomorrow (on sshhhh, she doesn't know about it.)

 No sewing trip is complete without a trip to a fabric shop.   I have always complained about the fabric choices here, but you won't hear me moaning any more.   There is a shop in Brno called Ragos.  In addition to the usual czech fabrics, they stock Makower fabrics.  I'm not sure if Makower have modernised their considerably over the last 6 months, or if Ragos have changed which fabrics they stock, but the choice now is great.  The lady in there was throwing sample books at me! 

And they have an internet shop, so I don't have to go to travel! 

And of course, chocolate was consumed in the form of chocolate muffins  (and also thanks to the lady in WHSmith at the airport who peddles Cadbury's mini eggs)

Thanks for a lovely time Bridget - she went  home on Wednesday and now I'm left sewing alone.   But more of that another day!

I hope you all have a good weekend!


  1. Glad you had fun together! Enjoy the party :o)

  2. Oh you are a good influence on each other - you did great xxx

  3. Glad you had a fab time sewing with Bridget, it's always great to share sewing time with others :o)

  4. Good to see you both had a lovely time. It's so nice to be able to sew with a friend, or in your case, relative.

  5. Great to have a sewing someone to hang out with. Love those pouches :)

  6. So nice you have someone to share your sewing with on occasion. Plus the shop is on the internet. Bonus!!! The quilt will be a lovely finish. now start saving purples for when she is thirteen and wanting that. Never say you weren't warned.

  7. That quilt top is so beautiful! Seriously lusting after that.

    It sounds like you two had a good time together and managed to stay out of major trouble too!

  8. Love the quilt, it would look great on my bed! Nice pocket addition to the bag too...some people are so inventive!

    1. Sounds like a fun time and you both made some lovely things

  9. A great week you had together. Now you know there's a good store to visit when you feel the need to touch new fabrics. I mostly buy online too, but sometimes it's nice to go and browse for real.