03 March 2014

Euro Siblings Together

Back in May, around about the same time that Lynne started up the Siblings Together Bee, I got together a european siblings together.  We have been plodding along happily and I think I've been rather remis, not having kept you up to date with our progress.  So here's what we've been up to:

I took the first month, only because no-one else wanted it, and requested a giant linoleum block in orange/aqua/lime colours ways

 I've recently finished piecing the top, and it's waiting to be basted, quilted and bound.

 July was Betty's month, and we made rather Christmassy looking block for her
August was Nicolette
And Nicolette has finished her top.
Euro ST August Churn Dash quilt©dutchcomfort.wordpress.com
 September was Sigrun

and she has finished her top too
Quilttop Gardenfence EuroSiblingTogether
In October Pippa asked for a pretty, girlie block
Euro siblings together block for October girl quilt 15.5" blocks please

November was Allie's choice, a couple of AMH feathers

November block 

December was Helen's choice - she's a bit of a star fan!


 January was Agnieszka, who asked for a couple of trees
January block - for real this time
And to bring you up to date, Mara asked for a mosaic tiles block in an assortement of colours

 I chose to make a purple block, which I hope fits the bill.
 Well I hope I haven't missed anone off.  If you would like to see more photos of the blocks and quilts, please visit our flickr group, and leave the girls a few encouraging comments!.


  1. Nice work ladies ! Im particularly drawn to the fabulous blue churn dash blocks. Lovely!

    Its interesting seeing everyones picks . Lots of diversity in the choices.

  2. I love seeing all the blocks you've chosen. I'm in ST with Lynne et al and we've had some fun blocks too!

  3. Way to go! Great blocks and quilts - I'm particularly taken by Nicolette's pretty churn blocks :)

  4. Look fabulous, it's so nice to see the finished quilts too.

  5. A fantastic update, I love how Sigrun's quilt turned out and I love the block you did for me! This has been such a fun bee, thanks for being head cheerleader!

  6. all these blocks and quilts are beautiful and the group as a whole is so very generous

  7. We're doing quite all right, don't we? I can't wait to see the finished quilts, all three of the quilt tops so far look great. Just realized I've probably never seen a linoleum block quilt before - I really like the pattern it creates.