11 March 2014

Happy Birthday to me.....

It was my birthday last week, and as is often the case, we were away on holiday, skiing

No - this isn't me!!! It's a young American, who we happened to stand next to in the next lift queue, and he seemed quite normal.  No scars where they had removed his frontal lobes!!  You can't see the scale from these photos, but we were a long way away, and he was seriously high up!

Bridget and I managed a bit of extreme sewing

 There was a young guy sitting just to my left who was totally bemused what these two old twits were up to!

I had a birthday cake, made by my friend Rose, and carried all the way from England, which was presented to me at dinner, but I have no photos.  

But when I went back to work yesterday, i got the most beautiful bouquet, and yet another cake

I am amazed by the cake - I'm not even sure they know who Wallace and Grommet are, but it is brilliant!!  They were a bit worried that Grommet appeared to be naked, but he's a dog - he doesn't wear clothes. But the bad part of getting a lovely cake like this is cutting it up.  And knowing what to do with the characters on top

Is there any cheese in here Grommet?
I just couldn't bring myself to eat him!


  1. Happy Birthday for last week! I remember the days when we used to go skiing for birthdays, so so jealous!! Love your extreme sewing :o)

  2. Belated happy birthday, Di! It looks like you had a perfect day. I wouldn't have been able to eat Wallace and Gromit either.

  3. Happy Birthday to you. Wallace looks cold, frozen. Where did you ski? Italia, Austria? There is no snow in CZ and Slovakia.

  4. Happy belated birthday, LOVE the cake!

  5. A belated Happy Birthday to you. Love the cake.

  6. Happy Birthday for last week. Nothing like spending your special day sewing on a mountain...

    Can you varnish Wallace and Grommit for posterity?

  7. Happy belated birthday, Di! Seems like you had a good one! There's nothing like celebrating with family and friends - and a good cake. Amd you had a fabulous cake! Well deserved for sure :o)

  8. Belated happy birthday! My family had to stop giving me sweet animal/people shaped things because I wouldn't eat them - what's a little anthropomorphism between friends ;o)

  9. Happy birthday for last week. Wonderful cake!

  10. How did I not know it is your birthday? It sounds like it was a wonderful celebration.

  11. Happy Birthday! Those mountains and snow are amazing, is that in Czech or did you go over to Austria or Switzerland? Great cake too. Very good icing models of Wallace and Grommet.