18 March 2014

March bees

I have whizzed through my two set of bee blocks this month.

Stitch Tease
Helen wanted us to make her a couple of economy blocks with a few extra rounds.  She asked for bright colours - my blocks are certainly bright - not to hectic I hope

I am very happy that I am delivering these by hand at the end of the week, as we are spending a long weekend in Marrakech, visiting Annabella.

Euro Siblings Together
We are fast getting to the end of a year of this bee, and it's been going really well.  This month Elisabeth asked for a "plus" block in pretty girly fabrics.  Very happy to oblige!

I've had this Pagoda Lily fabric for ages, and I think this has made a lovely block.

Right, off to do my czech homework now, before my lesson in an hour. Bad girl!


  1. Great bee blocks and seriously jealous about Marrakesh!!!

  2. Marrakesh ...I love the way all you Northern Hemisphere people name drop countries like I talk about going to buy milk...thats one of the distinct disadvantages to my side of the world - we are so far from everything else !

    Love all your bee blocks. Im sure the recipients will be stoked with your colour choices !

  3. I'm having visions of Helen as a can-can dancer with that first block ;o) Rather jealous of the hollybags!

  4. I think Helens quilt will be lovely. Have fun in morocco.

  5. Marrakech for the weekend? If only......
    All your bee blocks look great, have a fabulous time.

  6. Katy…cancan dancer??? I'm not sure if that is a compliment. Right now, having tried to fit into some summer clothes to take with me, belly dancer would seem to be nearer the mark!
    I'm still not packed Di…but I WILL be in Geneva in the morning!!

  7. Just popping to Marrakech for a long weekend! Oh the lifestyle! I could go to Melbourne for a long weekend, but it don't even get that far!