12 March 2014

On and on and on...

.. goes the quilting on my stitch tease quilt.  We have had visitors, and I've been away for a week, so there hasn't been much time available for sewing.   When I've had a few spare moment, I've bundled the Stitch Tease quilt back onto the machine and done a bit more to it.  I have discovered that I can change the "pivot height" of the foot, and found that by lifiting it slightly, the stitching is better.  But because of all the tension problems I've had, I kept having to stop to correct one thing and another, there are a lot of these

I was so fed up by the end, that I stopped even trying to fasten off threads as I was going along,  in a tidy fashion, so I have hundreds of ends to deal with.

But yesterday, I finished quilting the outer of the three "rounds".  I just have to do the middle block, and the border which I have decided are going to be straight line quilted!  I have officially FMQ'd my last on this machine.   I am now faced with
a) buying a new machine
b) keeping this machine and straight line quilting everything
c) sending quilts out to a long arm quilter (if I can find one)

I have also started to do a bit of hand quilting in each of the inner blocks.  I love hand quilting, but it does make my hand ache, so I can't do much at one sitting.
Please excuse the fact I haven't ironed off the frixion pen yet!

 However, despite the problems I have had with this quilt, and despite the fact it is some of the scrappiest FMQ I have ever done, I can't help but love it.  I know it's taken a long time to pull it together, but I enjoy having to keep picking it up and working on it.  I may even be sad when it's finished!

And so I go, on and on......

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  1. Mine seems to FMQ alright, I'm lazy though, if I fix the start of my quilting right over the end of the last thread then I just trim the loose bits with snips, they've not come undone yet and it cuts out burying the thread.

  2. Excited to see it finished! The hand quilting and fmq look great and straight lines always look good. I think a new machine is in order (or new to you)

  3. My old machine just didnt seem to FMQ well either..I always used to think it was me...but since I had the new machine Ive played with FMQ a bit and I think it was 30% me and 70% the machine before. What Im saying is- I think you should buy a new machine!

  4. As the woman burying a million ends right now, you have my sympathies in advance!

  5. I've had huge problems when fmq-ing recently and I hope they'll be gone next time. It's so frustrating. So if you consider buying a new machine anyway, I'd totally second that. If our hobby/passion is getting frustrating it's worth the money to make it fun again. Just my two pence. Looking forward to see the big reveal of your ST Quilt!

  6. You definitely need a new machine! Can't wait to see the finished quilt

  7. Sounds very frustrating, but it's looking fab. I think you should get a new machine too.

  8. Hi!!!! Love your quilt and the quilting!!!! Happy Late Birthday!!!! Love the extreme sewing!!!!! Yaa Go!!!! I just found your blog today!!!!! I will be back to hear more of your adventures!!!! Thank You

  9. Looking great, but that must be so frustrating, definitely a new machine in order. Can't wait to see it finished :o)

  10. You have spent so much time on this and the blocks were made with love from your friends so it will surely be a treasure.