12 April 2014

Diamond Falls

Gordon is away in England for a couple of weeks, leaving me on my own, totally responsible for the dogs, the garden, the pool (heaven help me if it's cloudy when he gets back), and worst of all, feeding myself. I did make a rather good mushroom risotto the other night though, something that Gordon would never eat, so we never cook it.  It's also one of the few things I actually enjoy cooking.

When I have done all my "chores", I am getting in loads of sewing time.  I have finished my 16 patch quilt, but it's so big, I can't really get any photos without a willing helper to hold it!  I have also finished my Euro Siblings Together quilt.  I have photographed that, but will blog about that later.

The main focus has been on getting the Love Beads quilt top finished.  Despite having cut the stripey fabric in two different direcions

My OCD side really couldn't live with this, but I managed to salvage the situation using the left over fabric for a second set of diamonds, cut the right way.   Unfortunately I was one short, but I can say this is a design feature (thanks for the idea Ange!)

This meant that I had to re-use the wrong diamonds for the side half diamonds.  By cutting them in half plus an extra 1/2 inch, I have just managed to squeeze them in.  They aren't quite right, but I do have a 1/4 seam allowance - just!

So I have now cut everything, and pieced all the strips. It looks a bit messy because it doesn't quite fit on my design wall (and the strips kept falling off)
It just remains to add a few half diamonds at the side, then finish sewing all the strips together.  Not my favourite job, joining long strips like these, so it could take me a few sessions!

You may ask why this post is called Diamond Falls.  Well I didn't much like the name "Love Beads" .  It didn't speak to me, as they say.  But the pattern does make me think of a waterfall, hence Diamond Falls.

Well I'm off now to do MORE cooking (Steak and jacket potatoes tonight) Hope everyone is having a good weekend!


  1. I prefer the new name, I think Love Beads has a whole other meaning!!!

  2. I love the quilt and the new name. I hate it when I cut stripy fabric the wrong way. Like you I can't normally live with them going different ways so I'm glad you managed to salvage the diamonds.

  3. The mushroom risotto looks delicious, my kind of food...:)

  4. Oh you are doing well without the resident chef, but like Hads' said, I'm glad you renamed ;o)

  5. That quilt looks fantastic. I had an Oo Er Mrs chuckle at the previous name and love the new one. Mushroom risotto, my favourite :)

  6. I'm glad you renamed it, we might all have dirty minds, but i'm sure it does have another meaning, I daren't google it as I'm not sure what would come up!!! Glad to be of service on the "design feature" front. Looks great, and lucky you getting all that sewing time, now if i can just convince my man to do a few days working away that would be perfect for me. :o)

  7. I think if I were left alone for 2 weeks I'd be having wine and potato chips every night for dinner :-)
    Your diamond falls is looking good. I don't think I've seen that pattern before.

  8. This is stunning. So happy to have found your blog today. x