08 April 2014

Q2 FAL 2014

 Finish Along 2014

And the word this quarter is FOCUS.  After the appalling performance in quarter one, I am resolved to complete all my projects, before starting an more.  The only thing I will be making that is not on this list will be bee blocks.  Honest. 

So here we go again, with feeling

1.  Stitch Tease 2 .  I have been beset by problems whilst quilting this one, and work has slowed down to a full stop.  But there's not much more to do and finish it I will.  I WILL

2. Euro Siblings Together
    The binding is being stitched down and should be finished in a couple of days

3 & 4 Christmas cushion covers.  These too are waiting to sew the binding down - and then I can put them away in a cupboard till Christmas, when I will get them out and give Gordon 3 happy weeks of moaning about them!

5. Love Beads
Whlst I have a fair bit of hand sewing to do, which is an evening job, I am now whipping through this project during my daytime sewing

6. Cardigan

This is actually the same photo as last quarter, but I have moved on and only have to make and attach the front two bands.

Then come the two things I made at the Valtice Patchwork group meetings
7. A cushion cover
 I used the fabrics that were supplied on the day, and it really isn't something I'd use, so I'm going to make it up into a cushion cover and donate it to my SIL for the church summer fete.

8.  Baby Boy quilt or maybe table mats
Not much difference I know. For the second meetingI learnt my lesson and took my own fabrics, so that I could make something I would use. I originally made them to use as table mats, but now I know I have to make a baby boy quilt, and if I made a few more, they would make a nice boys quilt  I think.

9. And then there's the orange and blue lozenges, now renamed ad infinitum, not just because they look vaguely like an infinity sign when joined together
I still have no clear idea what to do with them!
and finally
10 Can you tell what it is yet?
A special present that has to be finished this week - but I think even I can manage that one!

So there it is - 10 projects to finish from a girl who couldn't manage one last quarter!  Linking up with Katy once again. Remember Di, FOCUS


  1. A great bunch - I am sure you will do well!

  2. 10- is it an apron? I liked looking through your list, I think my favourite is love beads at the minute.

  3. I love your determination! You can whip these projects into finishes! Go! Go! Go!!!!

  4. There's a few there that are very close to being finished, so you should do well next quarter. I like the tablemats/baby quilt!

  5. 10???? You are going to take advantage of Gordon's 2 week absence aren't you?

  6. That's pretty ambitious but I think you can do it, some of them are v close to being finished, Good Luck!

  7. Loooove your 'baby boy '. blocks Di. The quilt will be a beauty. X

  8. My tip for this quarter? Write the list somewhere you can see it ;o)

    Good luck :oD

  9. I love Love beads..its beautiful. Finish that one first so I can drool over it. Good Luck Di- we can spur each other on this quarter . My effort last quarter wasn’t all that flash either.

    Good luck with the apron!

  10. If having a finish in the previous session was a requirement for joining these FALs I'd have been barred-for-life from them long ago! Making these lists is all about keeping your Finished Friends close but your UFO enemies even closer. Focus is a good inspiration word and should help you progress this quarter!

  11. Aha, your list is longer than mine :) You've got lots of great projects here and I'm especially waiting for the Stitch Tease quilt, and the Euro siblings together one, and I really like your idea of turning the no 8 blocks into a baby boy quilt.