21 April 2014

Ready for Christmas

Over the Christmas holiday last year, I started a little Christmas EPP project, which I hoped would eventually become a cushion or two.  I foolishly thought I might get it finished over Christmas  but.....

I started with a couple of packs of mini charms that I'd received at the FQR in either 2012, or 2013, and added a few bits of christmassy fabric I had in my scrap bag

 Fast Forward now to April, and it's finished.

I made 7 hexie Christmas flowers and appliqued them onto a background of Kona putty.  I then hand quilted around the outer, and inner hexies

Unforutnately I didn't have enough of the backing fabric I'd chosen, so I added some pink Kona to fill it out, but I don't think it works particularly well!

But, I guess you don't look at the back of a cushion much!

So that's my second finish for the Q2 FAL, and I can promise another one is on it's way soon!
Finish Along 2014


  1. Since you didn't have a finish for Q1 I'd say you are a guaranteed overachiever for Q2! Kidding of course. Happy Easter!

  2. Well done on getting this one finished, even if you have mixed your religious timings!

  3. Well Done on the finish, and think of it as early for next Christmas!

  4. Adorable. I saw your post title and frankly I think you're showing off now !

  5. Does this mean the cushion is going to be hidden away for the next 8 months? Well done for your second finish and it's very pretty!

  6. Well that's prepared! Lovely hexies and hand quilting!

  7. its really lovely - could be displayed all year round I reckon!

  8. Looking good and congrats on second finish already!