06 April 2014

Well this is embarrassing

Finish Along 2014

When I wrote up my list of finishes for the Q1 FAL, way back in January, I rashly said that I stood a good chance of achieving some finishes because the months of January and February are usually cold and snowy here .  And guess what, no snow, very little cold and absolutely NO finishes on my list!   I am also a little embarrassed to tell you that I have just spent the week rushing to finish a quilt that I only now realise wasn't even started in January and thus, wasn't on the list!  Numpty!

Here's the quilt that never was

It still has to go in the washing machine and have a proper photo session.  I suppose I should pretend it's not finished and put it on next quarter's list, but that's only cheating myself!

I have however, made some progress

1.  Stitch Tease - I am still hand quilting it!
2.  Orange and aqua diamonds are still exactly where they were in January.  I am beginning to despair of what to do with these!
3. Euro Siblings Together quilt - that is just about to have the binding sewn on.
4.  Christmas Cushions - as above
5 Knitted Jacket - this has inched ever so slightly forward since my SIL sent me another ball of wool.

and these will be going on the Q2 list.....................

So as I have no finishes, I'm not exactly linking to the FAL, but you can go and have a look at the more successful bloggers here


  1. Hi Di,
    try my link. It should work for now.
    What about our Tea time quilt. Too many colours, I heard. Fun. I thing, it is exact numbers of colours.

  2. Oh I love this finish - it looks so happy :)

  3. Lol, well at least it's a very nice rush job!

  4. It is a very pretty non fal finish! Beautiful colours and prints - in fact I see a lot of my favourites! Pretty flowers on your header :)

  5. I have had a shut out quarter, but you do have that beautiful quilt, on the list or not. And you have a lovely Q2 to make.

  6. Ooops, well at least you have done some sewing in those 3 months, just not stuff off of your list! :o)

  7. You have one finish. It doesnt matter that it wasnt on your list! Done is done.

    Plus now you have a ready made list for the second quarter.....

  8. Ah well, next quarter, right? :)

  9. You can have the nutty award all to yourself, but at least you have a pretty quilt finish as the prize.