04 May 2014

ATC Swap

Very Berry Handmade
Back in February, I signed up for the third round of the Textile Art Trading Card swap organised by Ali of Very Berry Handmade.  This swap was "tricky", to use Ali's words, mainly due, I believe, to the international postal system .   Weeks after the deadline, quite a few of us still hadn't received their swap card, me included.

Firstly the theme - we were able to vote between a literary theme, or "spring".  The vote was close, so we had two groups, me being in the literary themed group.  My secret partner said she would "like anything that was made for her, so that gave me free range.  My two favourite books are Rebecca and Jane Eyre, but unfortunately my artistic skills didn't run to Mandelay burning to the ground.  So I went for something easier.   Another childhood favourite

I couldn't resist Pooh contemplating his favourite food - hunny!  And he is ably supported here by his old mate Wol.

I got this off in the post bang on time, and then I waited to hear from my secret partner Geraldine in the UK.  And I waited and waited.  In the meantime my card was coming a very long way and I waited for that too! 

Eventually, I decided Pooh must be lost (he is a bear of very little brain after all) so I set to and made Geraldine a second card.  This time another childhood favourite was the theme - Swallows and Amazons by Arthur Ransome.

Thank goodness Geraldine got this one in super fast time. 

And still I waited!  But you know what they say about buses - nothing comes for ages, then they all come at once.  On the day that my original arrived, I also got a second,  that Ali had arranged as she thought the first one must be missing!
The original, from Gina in Australia, is a little book with a quotation from Cicero "If you have a garden and a library, you have everything you need.  So very me, although if you added a bottomless stash of fabric, I could be happy forever!  Part of the quotation is embroidered inside - only part, it is quite a long quotation!

The second, coincidentally made for me by Geraldine, has some rather clever "Bookerflies" embroidered onto it!

So in the end, all was well.  I hope everyone from this swap has now had their cards.  Thanks to Gina and Geraldine for my lovelycards and thanks again to ALi for organising things.  I do enjoy this little swap!

Oh, and if anyone in the UK happens to see Pooh wandering around, please send him home!


  1. Pooh is so cute!!! I hope he turns up! All beautiful cards.

  2. I agree with Lucy - get found Winnie the Pooh!!

  3. Frustration turns into a good ending. Yeah!

  4. State post is everywhere unreliable. Good luck you recieved both from Geraldine. Would you like (with Gordon) to come to Mikulov on Wednesday to taste some wine? On Thursday is day off. There will be some friends of us and my parents and also some English speaking.

  5. Ahhhh thats where that cute little boat comes into the picture. It really is adorable Di. I so enjoy these art card posts of yours. Incredibly inspirational!

  6. Love the little sailboat, and am always intrigued by these little cards.

  7. These are just lovely, Pooh is the most adorable one though where ever he may be.