26 May 2014

Look what I found

OK, you have to persevere with this post, past the pictures of greasy bikes!

For his birthday, our friend Lenka gave Gordon a great birthday present.  It's a czech motor cycle called a Babetta.  It had been languishing in her shed for years and was in "a bit of a state" to say the least! This is a picture of a Babetta, not his, this is from Honest's Bob 2stroke Emporium.  His was much worse than this
Unfortunately he has no before picture of his, but this is what it looks like now.

 He is like the proverbial "pig in muck" in his garage vainly attempting to restore a bike that was never very good in the first place! Well it keeps him busy!   But why am I telling you this?

Well yesterday we ventured into the dark and dangerous depths of Lennie's shed, looking for missing parts that her husband had taken off when he started to restore it.  No luck on that score, but look what we did find

This too is in a bit of a state,
Complete with rust and mouse dropping!
But imagine what it will look like when I've cleaned it up a bit. It's got accessories with it - not too sure what they are.  Probably bobbins and feet.   And, according to Lennie, it "used to work"......yes well, they all worked once upon a time, Lennie!  The funny thing is it's a Jones, a British company no longer in existence, and is the same make as my old machine, which I gave to Lennie when I got my new one!  What comes around, goes around.


  1. Just imagining you and Gordon in different corners of the shed cleaning your toys :-) Looking forward to seeing the spingly spangly sparkly after photos.

  2. Oooh how exciting! I scored a 1904 singer at a car boot yesterday for £15, can't wait to start using it

  3. What a beautiful old machine, I bet you can get it working or if not it will be a beautiful display piece.

  4. It'll be Fab with a bit of a clean

  5. Looks like you;re both going to be busy with very cool restoration projects. That sewing machine is going to come up a treat!

  6. Super! What a fun find! A little elbow grease and it will be beautiful as a decoration even if it doesn't work. This is so exciting!

  7. Lol, well at least it's equal opportunities fixer-upper-ing!

  8. what a beautiful find. I want a photo of Gordon on that bike when he is finished. What fun he will have riding it