21 May 2014

Make hay while it pours with rain

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

Up until this Monday, the weather here has been foul.  It started raining on Thursday, and barely stopped for a rest until the early hours of Monday.  Thankfully, the sun came out and it has been up in the mid 20's so I've been able to get out again.  But whilst it was rotten, I took to my sewing room!

It was my great niece's  birthday, so I set to and made her a beanie hat, using this reversible bucket hat pattern from Oliver & S.  It was quite easy to make, just a bit fiddly getting the hat to fit into the rim, but I was so pleased with it, it being my first ever hat.

But even with my limited knoweldge and experience of children, I could tell it was too big - it nearly fit me, let alone a 3-5 year old!  I will very quickly say, this is not the fault of the pattern.  More likely my inability to sew a 1/2 inch seam.  I appear to be programmed to 1/4"!

So I had to make a second, this time, knowing I would never hold a half inch seam, especially around the curved bits, I made a size smaller, and hopefully that will be nearer the mark.  The finishing on this hat makes it look much more professional - top stitching on all the seams and a spiral of top-stitching around the brim.

It may still be a bit big, but there'll be room for growing.  I think it might get worn a lot like this
I've also been making progress on my Sew Euro-bee-an quilt.  I've been making Tea cups
 I had 18 from the bee ladies, and had to make another 9 myself.  They're all done now, and I've moved on to Tea pots
This one is now finished and there is one more to make.  Then there's just lots of filler blocks to make, and I can get this one pieced.   But the sun is out now and the garden is calling!
Bye for now.


  1. I know just how you feel with all that rain. Hasn't stopped for long here in Belfast either! I love the cute hats. Is there an adult version? Jxo

  2. Love the hats Di – well done ! The fabrics are lush !

    I hope you’re planning to hold a high tea when that quilt is finished. Looking fantastic!

  3. the hats are so cute. I need to try making one

  4. The hats are seriously cute! Did you use interfacing? Can't wait to see the bee quilt!!