13 May 2014

Stitch Tease 2

Is it safe to come out now?   I was going to post yesterday, but competing with the SMS Giveaway day is a very bad idea!

What I was going to tell you about what my round 2 Stitch Tease Bee Quilt (runs off the tongue nicely eh?)Finally, I have finished it and to be honest, it's been a bit of a 'mare.   For my month, which was July last year,  I had this great idea to make a sort of a sampler quilt.  I made this block as an inspiration for my fellow teasers

 I asked for a scrappy border in two or three colours (any colours) then a central-ish feature panel, with a little embroidery, piecing, applique, paper piecing etc.  Anything really that showed a little bit of themselves.
The blocks started rolling in and I knew I was on to a winner.  Even Gordon was impressed!

When it came to piecing the blocks, I had this idea of making a medallion style quilt and added a border of wonky crosses
So far so good.  I chose two fabrics from the Henley range from Makeower for the backing and binding
and off I trotted to quilt it.  That's when the trouble started.  Firstly I chose the wrong thread - a variagated which I just didn't like - which had to be unpicked.   I continued with a yellow Aurifil thread, but then the machine started playing up.  I lost count of how many times I had to unpick it, and how many threads I had to bury.   I did put it down and walk away many times, but I persevered, and as always, it's worth it in the end.

I do think it's worth showing a closer shot of the blocks, because they really are the stars (Don't worry that some look upside down - this quilt is meant to be seen from all sides

I even did a bit of hand quilting inside each block - it looked a bit amateurish when I saw it closeup, but you know, when it's washed and on the settee, you don't see that.

 I so am lucky to be in this bee - the ladies are all so talented and come up with  bee blocks that seriously push the limits! So thanks to you all of you.  I just hope you all love your quilts as much as I do!  It is wonderful to have a quilt that I know is totally unique.

I'm looking forward to Stitch Tease 3  which will be starting again next month (sadly without Helen).  Now I wonder what I can ask for this year......................?

Oh and lest I forget, I can clam another finish for this quarters FAL.
 Finish Along 2014


  1. Looks fab, well worth persevering with, and I am really pleased to have been able to have contributed some blocks *does a little curtsey*. I have been laying out my blocks and ruminating over how to put them together, i'm letting my brain think about it!! :o)

  2. Yep- all that heartache (and in all probability - swearing ) was totally worth it. It's absolutely beautiful.

  3. it was so worth it. What an amazing quilt :-)

  4. Wow Di, it is absolutely gorgeous! What a talented bee.

  5. It's a stunner! SO worth all the hassle - and I agree about hand quilting. While you're doing it you're a bit "does this look like a 5 year old did it?" but once your nose isn't 2 inches off it then it really shines. Yours is fab and the perfect finishing touch, nice job missus!!

  6. Maybe I am a little biased to say it was really worth all the agro and effort! xxx

  7. Oh Di, this quilt is FABULOUS, love every block and especially how you arranged them into a medaillon style! Great choice!!!

  8. It's beautiful Di! Well worth the effort and I also love the backing fabric and the binding. Perfect!

  9. Oh WOW you are so lucky to be in such an awesome bee!

  10. This is a beauty of a finish. Bring on season 3

  11. So cool!!! I love it. I feel exactly the same about my quilt - very unique. Not another around. Love the pineapple - who did the pineapple?

  12. It looks great! I Iove all the bright colours.