07 May 2014

WIP Wednesday

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

I'm pleased to say my Diamond Falls quilt is edging nearer to being finished, as I finished piecing the top on Monday.  I had more sizing problems with the triangle border, due I'm sure to the fact I did something wrong cutting the diamonds.   But a quick adjustment to the size of the triangles, and it fit perfectly. 

I tried to get a few windy day shots, my favourite actually, but it was probably a bit too windy, and I must learn to look what is in the background!!

You are focusing on the movement of the quilt, OK?  Not the fallen chair or the pool net in the background!

There will be a short delay now, whilst I order some fabric for the border.   Next project out of the cupboard will be this one

Beeblocks from the sew Eur-bee-an Bee from last year.  I have to make about another 8 tea cups and 2 tea pots.  My bee mates also made me a few of the stripey filler blocks, but there's a lot more of them to do before I can fit them together.

And I'm being very good at not starting any new projects, until I've finished those on my FAL list.   Of course I don't count the socks I've started

Or a bit of cross stitch

which are strictly travelling or sitting in the evening projects, and do not eat into my sewing room time, so they don't actually count as new starts!

I'm linking up my work in progress with Lee at Freshly Pieced.


  1. The diamond quilt is really great and I like the windy photos. And the cups - the remind me that great day with you and Jitka. I´m very curious of your setting.

  2. What chair? All I see is a gorgeous quilt. Love the tea cups too. I think I may have to put that one on 'the list' too. I'm not sure if you're a good or bad influence ;-)

  3. I really love the quilt DI - I was so mesmerized by it I wouldn't have noticed the background (other than to be envious of the pool!) if you hadn't mentioned it!!

  4. someone sure lit a fire under your behind. Glad to see you are getting so much done before it gets too hot

  5. Lovely quilts Di and I like the windy shots ( fallen chairs 'n all!)

  6. That quilt is the bomb! I LOVE it ! (even with those other thingys in the background which I didnt even notice until you pointed them out!)

    Those teacups are going to be gorgeous too.

    Ummmm- has someone inoculated you with a double dose of mojo - all this activity is incredibly impressive.

  7. The quilt is great. What a windy day! Wind is synonymous with living where I do on a peninsula in South Australia. Always windy! I notice you have a pool. Do you get to use it much? I don't associate the Czech Republic with pool usage really, but then I suppose you're landlocked and possibly get stinking hot in summer?