24 June 2014

Work the visitors

Time is a little tight at the moment. My SIL and BIL were staying with us last weekend and we have friends arriving today for a few days.  This means not much time is available for blogging or sewing, but my sister in law (not Bridget, the sewing one, this is a different one, more of a knitter!) did offer to help with anything she could.  So I pulled out my unfinished knits.   I like knitting, but hate the sewing up  bit, hence they never get done and there was a small pile waiting for attention.

She got this finished - all it needed was sewing together, and I added the buttons.

It's a bit on the big side under the arms, but I think it looks pretty good, just feels a bit odd.. The pattern is No 5658  from Wendy  and for once in my life I used the correct wool, Supreme Cotton Chunky.  However, I knew it was going to be too big as I knit it, because I needed another ball to finish.  So all you would be/novice knitter - DO THE TENSION SQUARE!  I'm also very pleased to knock another WIP on the head for the Q2 FAL.  It's probably the last, but I have had a very good quarter!

Linda also sewed this together
and this
and both are now waiting for me to crochet the neckband, and knit the front band respectively.
I also managed to finish this one myself.  It had been sitting around for about 2 years waiting for buttons to be added!
And she also help me baste this
Having someone help you baste makes it so much easier, and gets a much better job done too.  I know there are wrinkles, but I'm hoping these will disappear when it's washed.

Just in case you're thinking I worked her to death, we did a lot of relaxing around the pool too! I think that's a fair payment,don't you?


  1. Excellent idea, make them work for their supper ;o)

  2. I love how you got so much done with help, and bet she enjoyed doing these things with you and for you.

  3. Wow, she is handy to have about, when is she coming back? I love the sweater, maybe with a long sleeve shirt under it will feel less weird?

  4. You're a blumming slave driver if you ask me!

  5. I agree, slave driver and I also wondered if the pink cardy still fits the intended recipient!

  6. Can you send her over to my house if she's finished at yours...I have a lot of things that are sitting in various states of unfinished and she sounds like a lucky finishing charm.

    I love your new cardy.

  7. I
    You are braver than me. You knit other things besides socks and scarves. Lovely

  8. ijust adore your knits!! Well done! and I cant wait to see a finished pic of the lovely quilt :))
    XX! Lori