05 July 2014

End of the quarter

Finish Along 2014

I set myself quite a task for the Q2 FAL - 10 finishes, which was a bit unrealistic after a big fat ZERO finishes in Q1.  But I had a really good start, and whilst I slowed down in July, I managed to finish 6 of them. So I am a lot happier with myself!

I have already blogged all but one of these, so if you're visiting my blog for the first time, you can follow the links if you want to read more about them.  If you've read them before, I won't be boring you to death!

1. Stitch Tease 2 - FINISHED 

2. Euro Siblings TogetherFINISHED 

3. AND 4 - Christmas Cushions 1 and Christmas Cushion 2 - FINISHED  and waiting for Christmas

5. Love Beads - NOT FINISHED but basted and ready for quilting

6. Cardigan - FINISHED
7. Cushion cover - NOT FINISHED I hate this so much, I don't want to finish it.  But I have offered it to my SIL for the church fete, so I really should

8. Baby Boy quilt - NOT FINISHED, but progressing

9. Ad infinitum - NOT FINISHED in fact they have taken a backwards step, as I had sewn them together, but pulled them apart again to use the fabric on the baby boy quilt!
10. An apron for Gordon
This is the one I have not blogged about, but it was finished for his birthday.  He had an apron that was made for him by his mum about 15 years ago, and was a little the worst for wear.  So I bought some Fabric from IKEA, and used the old one as a template to make a new one.  This is probably the easiest thing I'll ever make!

He said he was pleased, but I don't think it's been worn since!

So that's a big fat 6/10 this quarter.  It feels good to have cleared a few things from the sewing room, and I'm sticking to my "not starting something new till I've finished the rest" rule, although the effort is nearly killing me!  However, I have joined The Big Stitch Swap, so I can legitimately start something new for that!

Here's the link to the Q2 FAL linky party over at Katy's, and there are some really good tutorials this week too, so you should go check them out.


  1. Beautiful finishes and you have beautiful projects there too.

  2. That would be hard to stick too! I'm trying to use stash fabrics to make quilts, which is somewhat similar and also hard! Beautiful job on the projects!

  3. Reading this in the vancouver airport and applauding all your finishes

  4. Gosh, I'd never manage the don't start something until I'd finished the others! I have the attention span of a flea. I'd say that was a pretty good quarter with all those projects.

  5. 10 projects was a huge list and you finished 6 of them so I think patting yourself on the back is the order of the day here . Some lovely finishes and now you already have a ready made list for FAL Q3!

  6. Some fab finishes, and snap, I finished 6 from my list too! :o)

  7. Listing 10 projects was pretty ambitious, but finishing 6 is fantastic. A very good quarter for finishes.

  8. What can I say? You are clearly one of those dreadful over-achieving types!!!! No seriously - didn't she do well! Stitch Tease is blooming marvelous!

  9. You got sew-Jo back for quarter two, well done. You've just to get Gordon barbecuing more to get him in his apron! I tried the not starting anything new til something is finished early last year. I managed it for two quilts, but I really was pulling myself away from what I naturally wanted to do. The baby boy quilt looks really interesting.